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Dry Beans are produced in 17 states in the USA, as well as five provinces in Canada, resulting in nearly 38 million cwt from approximately 2.25 million acres in 2002. This comprehensive guide to dry bean production and pest management includes economics and marketing; classification and performance; seed certification; climate effects; crop rotation; planting; nutrient management; irrigation; tillage; harvest and post harvest; and weed, insect, and disease management. With more than 200 color photos, a field key, diagnostic checklist, glossary, and additional references, this publication is the industry's guide to growing beans in the Colorado and the Central Plains.

Dry Bean Production and Integrated Pest Management, Second Edition


Origin and World Production
Regional Production

Economics and Marketing

Dry Bean Markets
Dry Edible Bean Pricing

Classification, Development & Varietal Performance

Botany and Taxonomic Classification
Seed Characteristics
Seed Morphology
Seed Germination
Plant Development
Growth Habit Classification
Market Classes and Varieties
Varieties for Non-irrigated Production

Seed Certification & Seed Quality

Record Keeping
Seed Handling Equipment
Field Inspection
Seed Conditioning
Seed Storage and Identity Preservation
Laboratory Testing
Components of Seed Quality
Final Certification
Labeling and Seed Laws

Climate Monitoring & Effects

Effects on Pests
Effects on Crops

Crop Rotation

Selection of a Rotation
Pest Considerations
Dryland Consideration


Planting Date
Seed Depth
Row Width
Established Plant Population
Plant High Quality Seed
Seed Population and Field Emergence Rate
Seed Inoculation
Planter Selection and Operation
Post-planting Problems

Nutrient Management

Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus (P)
Potassium (K)
Zinc (Zn)
Iron (Fe)
Other Nutrients

Irrigation Management

Irrigation Strategy
Soil Water Characteristics
Dry Bean Plant Characteristics
Dry Bean Water Use
Irrigation for Germination and Emergence
Early-Season Water Management
Late-Season Water Management
Furrow Irrigation Water Management
Sprinkler Irrigation Water Management
Water Management Impact on Disease
Scheduling Irrigation

Tillage Practices

Crop Rotation and Field Selection
Seedbed Preparation
Recommended Tillage Systems
Soil Compaction
Causes of Soil Compaction
Identifying Soil Compaction
Avoiding Soil Compaction
Alleviating Soil Compaction
Wheel Traffic and Tillage Tracks
Tillage-Preparation for Harvest
Postharvest Tillage and Cover Crops


Estimating Seed Yield
Harvest Systems
Conventional Harvest Systems
Direct Harvest Systems
Harvest Losses with Conventional Harvest Systems
Measurement of Harvest Field Loss
Seed Damage Within The Combine
Combines for Harvesting Dry Edible Beans
Adjustment Response Differences between Conventional and Rotary Combines
Factors Affecting Mechanical Seed Damage During Combining
Monitoring Seed Quality

Post Harvest

Seed Damage
Market Standards

Weed Management

Weed Competition
Planning a Weed Management Program
Herbicide Resistance
Strategies to Minimize Herbicide Resistant Weeds
Crop Injury from Herbicides

Insect Management

Seed and Seedling Insects Cutworms
Defoliating Insects
Sucking and Leaf-Curling Insects
Pod and Seed-Feeding Insects
Pheromone Monitoring for Western Bean Cutworm
Stored Product Pests

Disease Management

Fungal Diseases
Bacterial Diseases
Viral Diseases
Nematode Diseases
Abiotic Diseases

Field Key
Field Record of Problems
Diagnostic Checklist
Supplemental References
Math Conversions
"...This book has already helped us to optimize our irrigation scheduling. It has enabled me to identify the aspects of our research program that are on track and target other areas for more work. Dry Bean Production and Pest Management is the premier synopsis of information needed by North American dry bean researchers and producers to participate in and advance the dry bean industry."
—John Rayapati, ADM - Research Manager
Publish Date: 2004
Format: 8.5" x 11" spiral bound softcover
Pages: 167
Images: 239 color images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited By Howard F. Schwartz, Mark A. Brick, Robert M. Harveson, and Gary D. Franc

Dry Bean Production and Integrated Pest Management, Second Edition

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