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Illustrated Guide to copreophilous Ascomycetes of Australia
Illustrated Guide to copreophilous Ascomycetes of Australia
This book is a great introduction to the world of dung fungi and guide to their identification and beautifully illustrated with 115 drawings and photos.
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Fungi that occur on dung are diverse and many are cosmopolitan. Collecting dung, incubating it in the lab, and then observing the succession of fungi is an enlightening laboratory exercise at any educational level. This book will be a boon for those wanting to identify the fungi that fruit on the dung.

This spiral bound book is a guide to identification of coprophilous fungi. Bell uses pictorial keys to aid the user in the identification of the fungi to class and genus. She then provides dichotomous keys to species with references to diagrams of key characters, like a pictorial glossary. All figures are drawn to the same scale for easy comparison of sizes.

The late Major Harry Dade studied Australian dung fungi and the first chapter is an account of some of his mycological activities based on his diaries. His personal observations about taxa are included in the text along with additional observations made by the author.

This book is a great introduction to the world of dung fungi and guide to their identification. This could be used for teaching the ecology of dung fungi at the undergraduate or graduate level, and for researchers studying biodiversity of fungi. It is beautifully illustrated with 115 black and white and color drawings and photos. This spiral bound paperback more than adequately serves it purpose as a guide to this interesting and diverse group of fungi.


  • Spiral bound for easy use at microscope
  • Protocols for isolation
  • Pictorial, user-friendly keys
  • Descriptions of all species
  • Recipes for reagents
  • More than 100 pages of illustrations
  • Extensive list of references

An Illustrated Guide to the Coprophilous Ascomycetes of Australia

Major Harry Dade (1895-1978)
Summary of Dade's research on coprophilous Ascomycetes of Australia
Other research on Australia coprophilous fungi

Materials and methods

Collection of substrate

Interpretation of distribution data

Recording Ascomycetes



Coprophilous Ascomycetes

The coprophilous discomycetes (“cup fungi”)

Cleistothecial Ascomycetes


Glossary of shapes and ornamentations
Appendix 1. Description of new species
Appendix 2. Formulae of stains used for microscopic examination
Index to fungal names
Publish Date: 2005
Format: 8.25” x 11.5” spiral bound softcover
Pages: 173
Images: 115 plates
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Ann Bell

An Illustrated Guide to the Coprophilous Ascomycetes of Australia

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