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Taxonomy and Pathology of Cylindrocladium and Allied Genera
Taxonomy and Pathology of Cylindrocladium and Allied Genera
"This is a most impressive contribution destined to be of lasting value to both mycologists and plant pathologists, and is made available at a most reasonable price."

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Cylindrocladium species are associated with various hosts and induce symptoms ranging from leaf spots to cutting and pod rot. Taxa in this complex are especially important in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. These fungi affect an array of plants including rhododendron, conifers, eucalyptus, ginkgo biloba, macadamia, peanuts, papaya, soybeans, and various other plants.

Taxonomy and Pathology of Cylindrocladium (Calonectria) and Allied Genera covers over 50 species, including discussions of baiting and isolation, pathogenicity, diseases and symptoms, disease control, morphological methods and features, cultures, molecular and other techniques for species identification, phylogeny based on sequence data, treatment of species, and much more.

This essential resource features:

  • Complete illustrations to assist in the visual identification of species and morphological structures
  • Photographs of plant disease symptoms enabling growers to visually identify diseases that affect their crops
  • Data on the worldwide distribution of pathogens provides reliable information on geographical trends
  • Detailed keys to species and genera aiding in the identification of species and their morphological structures
  • Descriptions of improved laboratory techniques for isolation, culturing, and molecular comparisons, allowing greater degree of accuracy
  • Cultural and morphological characteristics of all fungal species studied allow quick and accurate identification of taxa
  • Current taxonomy that assists readers in identifying species and integrates anamorph and teleomorph morphology
  • Current phylogeny and tabulation of GenBank sequence providing a solid basis for all future molecular work
  • A section on disease control providing an overview of the methods employed for the disease control of different taxa
  • Current literature on Cylindrocladium and related genera helping readers interpret current research findings and trends
  • A detailed literature review, general index, host and substrate index, and glossary for easy navigation and quick and accurate diagnosis
  • Tabulated abbreviations and data on fungicides allows for quick extraction of valuable data

Mycologists, Plant Pathologists, Forest Pathologists, Diagnosticians, Extension Officers, and anyone interested in Cylindrocladium or allied genera will find this resource useful in the field, the disease clinic, and the laboratory.


Anamorph and Holomorph Names
Baiting and Isolation

Inoculation of host material
Fungicide resistance
Synergism with nematodes

Diseases and Symptoms

Cutting rot
Leaf spot
Shoot blight
Stem cankers
Root disease
Tuber rot, Cylindrocladium black rot and red crown rot
Azalea cutting rot and leaf spot


Disease Control

Morphological Methods and Features

Examination of specimens
Stipes, stipe extensions and terminal vesicles
Conidium morphology


Phialide morphology
Conidiophore branching patterns
Perithecial morphology and anatomy
Ascus and ascospore morphology
Mating strategies and female fertility


Cardinal temperatures for growth
Chlamydospore production and colony color
Storage of cultures

Molecular and Other Techniques for Species Characterization

Substrate utilization
Fungal cell wall polysaccharide analysis
Total protein and isozyme electrophoresis
Random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs)
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) DNA sequence analysis

Phylogenetic Analyses Based on Sequence Data

Key to Hypocrealean Anamorph Genera with Hyaline Cylindrical Phialoconidia

Calonectria and its Anamorph cyllndrocladium

Key to the Species of cyllndrocladium

Key to the Species of cyllndrocladium Having Teleomorphs in calonectria

Treatment of species (54 species covered)

Doubtful and Excluded Species
Literature Cited
General Index
Host and Substrate Index

"If you need to work with fungi from this large and economically diverse group, this is the only reference you need."

"This is a most impressive contribution destined to be of lasting value to both mycologists and plant pathologists, and is made available at a most reasonable price."

Publish Date: 2002
Format: 7” x 10” hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-290-3
Pages: 294
Images: 320 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Pedro W. Crous

Taxonomy and Pathology of Cylindrocladium (Calonectria) and Allied Genera

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