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Emerging Technologies for Integrated Pest Management
Emerging Technologies for Integrated Pest Management
A useful resource for the advances of integrated pest management and technical developments.
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This book examines key scientific and technological advances within the last decade, that have the potential to dramatically improve the practice of integrated pest management (IPM).

Based on the proceedings of the 1999 international conference by the same name, this book covers the progress made in diagnostics, genetic engineering, biological control, pesticide technology, global positioning, geographic information systems, and information processing and delivery.

Technological developments of this sort are needed to achieve the vision of IPM as an ecological and economical sound, socially acceptable, holistic approach to crop protection. Entomologists, pest management consultants, plant pathologists, weed scientists, agriculture chemical industry professionals, agricultural regulatory personnel, commodity association professionals, educators and students will find Emerging Technologies for Integrated Pest Management: Concepts, Research and Implementation a useful resource.

Section 1: Background

Perspectives on Progress in IPM
Factors Affecting the Adoption of New Technologies
Shifting Agricultural and Ecological Context for IPM

Section 2: New Diagnostic Techniques for IPM

General Overview of Diagnostic Technologies
Use of DNA Technologies in Diagnostics
Detection of Resistant Insects and IPM
Pathogen Detection and Pesticide Use

Section 3: Genetic Engineering for IPM

General Concepts, Status, and Potential of Transgenic Plants in IPM
Genetic Engineering in IPM: A Case History for Virus Diseases Resistance
Genetic Engineering in IPM: Bt Cotton
Genetic Engineering in IPM: Herbicide Tolerance
Implications of Pest-Resistant/Herbicide-Tolerant Plants for IPM
Regulation of Plant-Pesticides: Current Status
Genetically Engineered Pathogens of Insects for IPM: Concepts and Status
Success and Failure of Bt Products: Colorado Potato Beetle--A Case Study
Reassessing Autocidal Pest Control

Section 4: Biological Control

Current Status of Biological Control of Insects
Habitat Management to Enhance Biological Control in IPM
Current Status of Biological Control of Plant Disease
Technologies for Strain Improvement for Biological Control of Plant Pathogens
Current Status of Biological Control of Weeds
Challenges to the Commercialization of Biological Control Technologies for IPM

Section 5: Pesticide Technology

Pesticides and IPM: Concepts and Reality
Delivering New Crop Protection Agents within an IPM Environment
Development in Transition: Crop Protection and More
Integrating New Fungicide Technologies in IPM
Assessing Integrated Weed Management in Terms of Risk Management and Biological Time Constraints
Integrating New Insecticide Technologies in IPM
Fulfilling the Role of Resistance Management to Preserve Effectiveness of New Insecticide Technologies to Preserve Effectiveness of New Insecticide Technologies

Section 6: Geographical Information Systems and Global Positioning

Use of GIS/GPS systems in IPM: Progress and Reality
Geographical Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems for Optimizaion of Banana Production

Section 7: Information Processing and Delivery

Weather Forecasting for IPM
Information Management: Past, Present, and Future

Progress and Challenges

Delivering IPM: Progress and Challenges
Politics, Policy, and IP
Summary: International Conference on Emerging Technologies for IPM

List of Conference Participants
Publish Date: 2000
Format: 6" x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-246-0
Pages: 526
Images: 61 black and white images
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by George G. Kennedy and Turner B. Sutton

Emerging Technologies for Integrated Pest Management: Concepts, Research, and Implementation

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