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Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition
Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition
A comprehensive resource for the diagnosis and treatment of strawberry diseases.
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Use this book to diagnose and treat diseases of strawberries. Contributions from world authorities include completely updated information on symptoms, epidemiology and management of many diseases and disorders. This edition features a greater comprehensive treatment of strawberry diseases than found in any other single reference source.

Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition


The Strawberry

The Plant
The Fruit
The Leaf
The Root

Strawberry Plant Health
Arthropod Pests
Disease Control

Part 1. Noninfectious Disorders Caused by Genetic or Environmental Factors

Misshapen Fruit
Fasciation and Multiple Tips
Button Berries, Catfacing, and Nubbins
Albino Fruit (White Berry)
Green Tip and White Shoulder
June Yellows
Noninfectious Phyllody
Frost Injury
Winter Injury
Drought Damage
Water Damage
Hail Injury
Wind Damage
Air Pollution
Soil Salinity
Strawberry Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiencies
Fertilizer and Pesticide-Related Injuries
Problems Caused by Weeds and Herbicides

Part 2. Infectious Diseases

Bacterial Diseases of the Leaf

Angular Leaf Spot
Bacterial Wilt

Fungal Diseases of the Leaf

Powdery Mildew
Leaf Scorch
Phomopsis Leaf Blight
Leaf Blotch
Leaf Spot
Purple Leaf Spot
Anthracnose Leaf Spots
Septoria Leaf Spots
Rhizoctonia Leaf Blight (Web Blight)
Alternaria Black Leaf Spot
Macrophomina Leaf Blight and Dry Crown Rot
Cercospora Leaf Spots
Sclerotium Rot (Southern Blight)
Leaf Stalk Rot
Hainesia Leaf Spot
Slime Molds
Leaf Rusts

Fungal Diseases of the Fruit

Botrytis Fruit Rot (Gray Mold) and Blossom Blight
Anthracnose Fruit Rot (Black Spot)
Leather Rot
Phomopsis Soft Rot
Powdery Mildew of the Fruit
Tan-Brown Rot
Rhizoctonia Fruit Rot (Hard Rot)
Anther and Pistil Blight
Stem-End Rot
Black Seed Disease
Pestalotia Fruit Rot
Sclerotinia Rot
Alternaria Rot and Cladosporium Rot Rhizopus Rot (Leak)
Mucor Fruit Rot
Penicillium Fruit Rot
Aspergillus Rot
Brown Cap
Stagnospora Hard Rot (Septoria Hard Rot)
Minor Fruit Rots
White Rot
Botryosphaeria Fruit Rot (Sphaeropsis Fruit Rot)
Fruit Blotch
Coniella Fruit Rot
Sclerotium Fruit Rot
Phytophthora nicotianae Rot
Phytophthora citrophthora Rot
Downy Mildew
Sphaeronaemella Fruit Rot
Lilac Soft Rot

Fungal Diseases of the Root and Crown

The Healthy Strawberry Root System
Anthracnose Crown Rot
Red Stele Root Rot
Crown Rot
Phytophthora citricola Root Rot
Verticillium Wilt
Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium Yellows)
Black Root Rot
Pythium Root Rot (Stunt)
Rhizoctonia Root Rot (Ceratobasidium Root Rot)
Rhizoctonia solani Root Rot
Gray Sterile Fungus Root Rot
Idriella Root Rot
Sclerotinia Crown Rot
Armillaria Root and Crown Rot
Dematophora Root and Crown Rot
Pith Necrosis and Crown Death
Macrophomina Root Rot and Charcoal Rot
Rapid Death
Olpidium Root Infection
Synchytrium Root Gall
Rhizoctonia Bud Rot
Nursery Plant Deterioration in Cold Storage

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Virus and Viruslike Diseases
Aphid-Borne Viruses
Strawberry Crinkle Virus
Strawberry Latent C Rhabdovirus
Strawberry Mild Yellow-Edge Disease
Strawberry Mottle Virus
Strawberry Vein Banding Caulimovirus
Strawberry Pseudo Mild Yellow-Edge Carlavirus

Other Viruses and Viruslike Diseases

Fragaria Chiloensis Ilavirus
Tobacco Streak Ilavirus
Strawberry Pallidosis
Tobacco Necrosis Virus
Minor Virus and Viruslike Diseases

Leafhopper-Vectored Diseases Caused by Phytoplasmas

Strawberry Aster Yellows
Green Petal
Strawberry Lethal Decline
Bronze Leaf Wilt
Mycoplasma Yellows (Phytoplasma Yellows)
Minor Phytoplasma Diseases

Diseases Caused by Bacterium-like Organisms

Rickettsia Yellows
Marginal Chlorosis

Nematode Diseases
Leaf and Stem Parasites

Spring Dwarf (Cauliflower Disease)
Summer Dwarf (Summer Crimp)
Leaf and Stem Nematode

Root Parasites

Root Knot
Root-Lesion Nematodes
Sting Nematodes
Dagger and Needle Nematodes

Nematode Control

Part 3: Arthropod and Mollusk Pests

Piercing and Sucking Insects

Strawberry Aphids
Strawberry Root Aphid
Cyclamen Mite
Spider Mites
Tarnished Plant Bug
Strawberry Bud Weevil
Potato Leafhopper
Spittlebugs (Froghoppers)

Chewing Insects

Root Weevils
Flower Thrips
White Grubs
Garden Symphilid
Leaf Rollers
Strawberry Rootworm and Grape Colaspis
Strawberry Rootworm
Grape Colaspis
Strawberry Sap Beetle

Boring Insects

Strawberry Crown Miner
Strawberry Crown Borer
Strawberry Crown Moth

Other Pests

Fire Ants
Garden Slugs

Color Plates
Publish Date: 1998
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-194-4
Pages: 128
Images: 171 color images; 90 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by J. L. Maas

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