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Compendium of Conifer Diseases
Compendium of Conifer Diseases
Includes contributions from 36 international forest pathology experts.
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From the Preface:

This compendium is the cumulative effort of many forest pathologists from most parts of the world where conifers are important. Each author was asked to address the topic globally but was allowed to emphasize the local situation that was most familiar. The authors of individual sections are recognized at the end of each contribution.

We have attempted to make this compendium useful to a wide range of people, from students in forestry and pathology to practitioners and researchers who require a broad view of the field. Each article concludes with a short list of references to provide access to the relevant literature. General references and texts on forest pathology are listed in the introduction to this volume.

This title is also available in Spanish.

Compendium of Conifer Diseases


Purpose and Scope
Diseases of Conifers

Part I: Diseases of Forest Trees

Root Diseases
Phytophthora Diseases

Littleleaf Disease
Port Orford Cedar Root Disease

Rhizina Root Disease
Leptographium Diseases

Blackstain Root Disease
Other Leptographium Species Associated with Conifer Roots

Root Decays

Annosum Root Rot
Armillaria Root Disease
Laminated Root Rot
Red Brown Butt Rot
Tomentosus Root Rot
Brown Root Rot
Other Root Rot Fungi

Stem and Branch Diseases

Bluestain and Bark Beetles
Pine Wilt

Stem Decays
Wound Decays

Red Rot
Amylostereum Rot
Yellow-Brown Top Rot
Brown Crumbly Rot
Other Wound Decays

True Heartrots

Red Ring Rot
Rust-Red Stringy Rot

Stem Rusts
Rusts of Soft Pines

White Pine Blister Rust
Other Soft Pine Stem Rusts
Rusts of Hard Pines
Fusiform Rust
Eastern Gall Rust
Western Gall Rust
Resin Top Disease
Comandra Blister Rust
Stalactiform Blister Rust
Sweetfern Blister Rust
Other Hard Pine Stem Rusts

Limb Rusts
Pine Twist Rust
Gymnosporangium Stem Rusts
Parasitic Plants

Dwarf mistletoes
Leafy Mistletoes and Other Parasitic Plants

Cankers and Twig Blights

Larch Canker
Sphaeropsis Shoot Blight and Canker
Scleroderris Canker
Pitch Canker
Atropellis Cankers
Other Canker Diseases

Cone and Seed Diseases

Spruce Cone Rust
South Western Pine Cone Rust
Southern Pine Cone Rust
Cone and Seed Fungi

Foliage Diseases

Needle and Broom Rusts

Needle Blights and Needle Casts

Rhabdocline Needle Casts
Swiss Needle Cast
Dothistroma Needle Blight
Cyclaneusma Needle Cast
Other Foliage Diseases of Pines
Foliage Diseases on Other Conifers

Abiotic Diseases
Decline Diseases

Recent Forest Declines in Europe
Northeastern Subalpine Red Spruce Decline
Yellow Cedar Decline
Pole Blight
Austrocedrus Decline

Part II: Diseases in the Forest

Boreal Forest of North America
Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East
Coastal Western North America
Inland West of North America
Southern United States
Australia and New Zealand

Part III: Diseases in Special Settings

Forest Tree Nurseries
Christmas Tree Plantations
Horticultural Landscapes

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Publish Date: 1997
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-183-8
Pages: 128
Images: 170 color images; 13 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Everett M. Hansen and Katherine J. Lewis

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