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Host Wall Alterations by Parasitic Fungi
Host Wall Alterations by Parasitic Fungi
This book examines the morphological and biochemical changes involved in the infection process.
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Infection and colonisation of a host by a fungus include a series of complex processes such as host-recognition, degradation of the host cell wall, and formation of specialized infection enzymes and structures by the fungus, as well as defence structures and compounds by the host. This book examines the morphological and biochemical changes involved in the infection process, and includes 76 photomicrographs printed on high quality enamel stock.

Host Wall Alterations by Parasitic Fungi

Gold labeling methods for the ultrastructural localization of host wall and pathogen components

H. Chamberland

Fine morphology of fungal structures involved in host wall alteration

M. Nicole, K. Ruel and G. B. Ouellette

Cell wall changes in host and nonhost systems: microscopic aspects

D. Rioux and A. R. Biggs

Wood polysaccharides and their degradation by fungi

J. –P. Joseleau and K. Ruel

Lignin biodegradation in cell walls of woody plants

R. A. Blanchette

Fungus-induced degradation and reinforcement of defensive barriers of plants

P. E. Kolattukudy, J. Kamper, U. Kamper, L. González-Candelás and W. Guo

Fungal chitinases: their properties and roles in morphogenesis, mycoparasitism and control of pathogenic fungi

M. S. Manocha and R. Balasubramanian

Plant cell wall structural proteins: regulated expression and roles in fungal infection

J. Sheng and A. M. Showalter

Alteration of host cell surfaces by mycorrhizal fungi

P. Bonfante

Histological studies of host penetration and colonization by endophytic fungi

J. K. Stone, O. Viret, O. Petrini and I. H. Chapela

Publish Date: 1994
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-168-5
Pages: 160
Images: 90 images

Edited by Orlando Petrini and Guillemond B. Ouellette

List Price:69.00

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