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Mycorrhizae and Plant Health
Mycorrhizae and Plant Health

Includes information on the key roles of mycorrhizae in systems of agricultural and forest production.

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This book emphasizes the key role mycorrhizae play in sustainable systems of agricultural and forest production. Includes a discussion of ectomycorrhizae that occur on several major families of trees being managed for wood products.

From the Preface:  

Most plants on Earth have a symbiotic association in their roots with soil fungi known as mycorrhizae. There is widespread agreement among plant and soil scientists that mycorrhizae are beneficial to the growth and health of plants. However, some arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi here after collectively called VAM in this book, have fungal species and strains within a species that vary greatly in their association with plants ranging from mutualistic to parasitic. Suffice it to say, that most plants form mycorrhizae and that this association is critical to the well-being of plants, especially in natural ecosystems. Most plants have evolved with mycorrhizae and their very existence depends on the mycorrhizal association.

Mycorrhizae and Plant Health

Preface Contributors

Role of Mycorrhizae in Biocontrol

Role of VAM Fungi in Biocontrol

R. G. Linderman

Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Biocontrol

Luc. C. Duchesne

Role of Mycorrhizae in Reclamation

Role of VAM Fungi in Mine Land Revegetation

F. L. Pfleger, E. L. Stewart, and R. K. Noyd

Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Minesite Reclamation

N. Malajczuk, P. Reddell and M. Brundrett

Effects of Cultural Practices and Pesticides on Mycorrhizae

The Effects of Cultural Practices and Pesticides on VAM Fungi

James E. Kurle and F. L. Pfleger

Effects of Nursery Cultural Practices on Management of Specific Ectomycorrhizae on Bareroot Tree Seedlings

Charles E. Cordell and Donald H. Marx

Mycorrhizae and Atmospheric Pollution

Air Pollution and Ecosystem Health: The Mycorrhizal Connection

Steven R. Shafer and Michele M. Schoeneberger

Effects of Mycorrhizae on Biogeochemistry and Soil Structure

Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Biogeochemical Cycling

R. M. Miller and J. D. Jastrow

Effects of Ectomycorrhizae on Biogeochemistry and Soil Structure

Janet S. MacFall

Current Status of Field Application of Mycorrhizal Fungi

Involvement of Cropping Systems, Plant Produced Compounds and Inoculum Production in the Functioning of VAM Fungi

Gene R. Safir

Current Status of Outplanting Studies using Ectomycorrhiza-inoculated Forest Trees

Michael A. Castellano

VAM Fungal Systematics

Systematics of Glomalean Endomycorrhizal Fungi: Current Views and Future Directions

Stephen P. Bentivenga and Joseph B. Morton

Genetic Variability in Mycorrhiza Formation and Function Molecular and Genetic Approaches to Understanding

Variability in Mycorrhizal Formation and Functioning

Bradley R. Kropp and Anne J. Anderson

General Summary

R. G. Linderman and F. L. Pfleger

Publish Date: 1994
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-158-6
Pages: 360
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by F. L. Pfleger and R. G. Linderman

List Price:69.00

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