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Wheat: Science and Trade
Wheat: Science and Trade
Available by APS PRESS!
A comprehensive reference work designed to expand the current body of knowledge on wheat.
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Wheat: Science and Trade is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference work designed to expand the current body of knowledge on this staple crop, incorporating new information made available by genetic advances, improvements in the understanding of wheat's biology, and changes in the wheat trade industry. This book focuses on the most economically significant diseases and impacts covering phylogeny and ontogeny, manipulation of the environment and optimal management, genetic improvement, and utilization and commercialization.

Wheat: Science and Trade


Section I: Making of a Wheat Plant

Wheat Evolution, Domestication, and Improvement
Development of the Wheat Plant
The Flowering Pathway in Wheat

Section II: Making of a Wheat Crop

Systems-Based Wheat Management Strategies
Diseases Which Challenge Global Wheat Production—the Wheat Rusts
Diseases Which Challenge Global Wheat Production—Root, Crown, and Culm Rots
Diseases Which Challenge Global Wheat Production—Powdery Mildew and Leaf and Head Blights
Nematodes Which Challenge Global Wheat Production
Insects Which Challenge Global Wheat Production
Temporally and Spatially Dependent Nitrogen Management for Diverse Environments
Grain Yield Improvement in Water-Limited Environments
Cutting Down on Weeds to Cut a Cleaner Wheat Crop

Section III: Making of a Wheat Cultivar

Wheat Breeding: Procedures and Strategies
State of qtl Detection and Marker-Assisted Selection in Wheat Improvement
Genome Organization and Comparative Genomics
Synthetic Wheat—An Emerging Genetic Resource
Success in Wheat Improvement
Transgenic Applications in Wheat Improvement

Section IV: Making of a Wheat Industry

Overview of Wheat Classification and Trade
Passing the Test on Wheat End-Use Quality
The Biochemical and Molecular Basis of Wheat Quality 495
New Uses for Wheat and Modified Wheat Products
US Wheat Marketing System and Price Discovery

Publish Date: 2009
Format: 9.6" x 7.7" hardcover
Pages: 616
Images: 122 images
Publication Weight: 5 lbs

By Brett F. Carver

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