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Plagas y Enfermedades del Manzano y del Peral (Apple/Pear)
Plagas y Enfermedades del Manzano y del Peral (Apple/Pear)

Spanish version of Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases.

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El objetivo principal de este compendio, como de otros de esta serie, es el de servir de manual para los cultivadores de manzanos y perales así como a los pomologos; agentes de extensión agraria; comerciantes de productos agrícolas; administradores de fincas; consultores privados; estudiantes y fitopatologos que trabajen par alas industrias derivadas de manzanas y peras.

Tiene una orientación practica dirigida hacia el diagnostico, el origen, la epidemiología y el control de las enfermedades y plagas del manzano y del peral, así como la problemática de las enfermedades de postcosecha.

A Second Edition is also available in English.

Plagas y Enfermedades del Manzano y del Peral (Apple and Pear Diseases)


Origin of Domestic Apples and Pears
Growth and Fruiting Habits
Growing Systems
Harvest and Handling

Part 1: Infectious Diseases

Diseases Caused by Fungi
Foliar and Fruit Diseases

Apple Scab
Powdery Mildew

Rust Diseases

Cedar Apple Rust
Japanese Pear Rust
Quince Rust
European Pear Rust
American Hawthorn Rust
Kern's Pear Rust
Pacific Coast Pear Rust
Rocky Mountain Pear Rust
Japanese Apple Rust
Bitter Rot
White Rot
Black Rot
Pear Scab
Fabraea Leaf Spot

Other Foliar and Fruit Diseases

Alternaria Blotch
Japanese Pear Black Spot
Brooks Fruit Spot
Phoma Leaf and Fruit Spot
Black Pox of Apple and Blister Canker of Pear
Apple Ring Rot
Dry Eye Rot
Calyx-End Rot
Moldy Core and Core Rot
Phytophthora Fruit Rot
Monilia Leaf Blight
Brown Rot Diseases
Mycosphaerella Leaf Spot
Marssonina Blotch
Zonate Leaf Spot
Thread Blight

Canker and Wood Rot Diseases

Nectria Twig Blight
Nectria Canker
Anthracnose and Perennial Canker
Diaporthe Canker
Phomopsis Canker, Rough Bark, and Fruit Decay
Valsa Canker
Leucostoma Canker
Diplodia Canker
Nailhead Canker
Monochaetia Twig Canker
Silver Leaf
Wood Rots

Root Rot and Replant Diseases

Phytophthora Crown, Collar, and Root Rots
Rosellinia (Dematophora) Root Rot
Apple Replant Disease
Black Root Rot
Armillaria and Clitocybe Root Rots
Phymatotrichum Root Rot
Southern Blight
White Root Rot
Violet Root Rot
Peniophora Root Canker

Postharvest Diseases

Blue Mold
Gray Mold
Bull's-Eye Rot
Alternaria Rot
Mucor Rot Side Rot

Minor Postharvest Diseases

Cladosporium Rot
Coprinus Rot
Fisheye Rot
Pink Rot
Rhizopus Rot
Spongy Dry Rot
Pleospora Rot
Miscellaneous Postharvest Decay Fungi

Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Fire Blight
Blister Spot
Bacterial Blossom Blast
Bacterial Blister Bark
Crown Gall
Hairy Root

Diseases Caused by Mycoplasmas

Apple Proliferation
Pear Decline
Rubbery Wood
Chat Fruit
Apple Decline

Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

Root-Lesion Nematodes
Dagger Nematodes
Other Nematodes

Virus and Graft-Transmissible Diseases

Apple Topworking Disease
Apple Union Necrosis and Decline
Apple Scar Skin and Dapple Apple
Apple Mosaic
Transmissible Fruit Disorders
Transmissible Bark Disorders
Dead Spur
Pear Vein Yellows
Stony Pit
Pear Ring Pattern Mosaic
Pear Bark Diseases
Concentric Ring Pattern

Part 2: Noninfectious Disorders

Nutritional Disorders
Disorders Caused by Environmental Factors
Genetic and Physiological Disorders

Internal Bark Necrosis
Necrotic Leaf Blotch

Postharvest Disorders

Bitter Pit
Black End of d'Anjou Pears
Core Breakdown
Cork Spot of d'Anjou Pears
Jonathan Spot
Pink End of Bartlett Pears
Pithy Brown Core
Storage Scald
Water Core of Apple

Publish Date: 1990
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-848476-0603
Pages: 99
Images: 170 color images; 26 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Corregido por A. L. Jones y H. S. Aldwinckle

List Price:104.00
Plagas y Enfermedades del Manzano y del Peral (Apple and Pear Diseases)

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