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OIP Cookbook
OIP Cookbook

Office of International Programs (OIP) Cookbook with recipes contributed and taste tested by OIP members and volunteers. All proceeds of this cookbook will benefit the Global Experience Award.

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Give a gift that will delight the tastebuds and contribute to the Global Experience Award. Give the gift that gives back!

The APS Office of International Programs (OIP) presents From Our Kitchen to Yours, with recipes contributed by OIP members and volunteers, as well as past recipients of the Global Experience Award, the OIP Books of the World Award, the Excellence in International Service Award, the JANE International Research Award, and the OIP International Travel Award.

The recipes represent a diverse and delicious cross section of cuisines, and we hope you will enjoy making them as much as we enjoyed testing them!

All proceeds from this cookbook will benefit the Global Experience Award, which is one of the premier awards granted by the APS Office of International Programs (OIP). This award provides funding for APS plant pathologists to partner with scientists from developing countries to create and implement extension and outreach programming for communities within these countries.

From Our Kitchen to Yours (OIP Cookbook)


1. Arepas (Luisa Santamaria) v gf
2. Cassava Bread (Luisa Santamaria) v gf
3. Chanterelle Soup (Kelly Ivors) v gf
4. Heart of Palm (Palmito) Ceviche (Maria E. Ordoñez) v gf
5. Lentil Soup (Shyam L. Kandel) v gf
6. Shrimp Cake (Hehe Wang)


1. Braised Stuffed Beef Rolls (Richard A. Sikora and Ingrid Sikora) gf
2. Colombian Breakfast (Lina Quesada) v gf
3. Crab Roll (Ingrid Sikora and Richard A. Sikora)
4. Crustless Quiche (Jack C. Comstock) v gf
5. Flying Jacob (Sally Miller) gf
6. Garbanzo Beans (Channa Sundal) (Sara Thomas-Sharma) v gf
7. Pork Chops (Hehe Wang)
8. Ham Rice (Hehe Wang) gf
9. Honey Pineapple Jerk Pork Tenderloin or Picnic Ham (Gillian Rowe) gf
10. Kale with Coconut (Renuka Attanayake) v gf
11. Moin Moin (Olotuah Olanrewaju Folusho) gf
12. Moringa Leaves in Chili and Coconut (Renuka Attanayake) v gf
13. Pide (Fulya Baysal-Gurel) v
14. Pumpkin Curry (Renuka Attanayake) v gf
15. Stuffed Pasta Shells (Richard A. Sikora)


1. Alfajores de Maicena (Florencia Lucca) v
2. Baklava (Fulya Baysal-Gurel) v
3. Baklava (Turksen Shilts) v
4. Colada Morada (Carla Garzon) v gf
5. Dulce de Higos (Figs in Syrup) (Carla Garzon) v gf
6. Quinoa and Coconut Energy Cookies (Luisa Santamaria) v gf

v = vegetarian
gf = gluten free

Publish Date: 2022
Format: 8.5” x 11” softcover
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Recipes Contributed by OIP Members and Recipients of International APS and OIP Awards

From Our Kitchen to Yours (OIP Cookbook)

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