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Diseases of Field Crops
Diseases of Field Crops


  • Covers diseases of 22 major field crops in one comprehensive volume
  • Describes disease symptoms in the context of environmental conditions that influence disease development
  • Features more than 800 color images of disease symptoms
  • Uses up-to-date pathogen nomenclature

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The expanding, multifaceted discipline of plant pathology has generated a need for resources that encompass its subdisciplines. Diseases of Field Crops meets this need by offering a comprehensive resource on the diseases of 22 major field crops grown in the United States and neighboring countries.

With contributions from 50 plant pathologists, this book is organized into 23 chapters and includes a glossary and an index. Chapter 1 establishes a foundation on integrated plant disease management (IPDM), considering influences that occur before, during, and after the growing season. The remaining 22 chapters highlight individual crops, providing detailed descriptions of diseases from the areas in which the crops are grown, color images of disease symptoms for easy identification, and management practices that minimize negative effects on the environment and society.

Editors Clayton A. Hollier, G. Boyd Padgett, and Martin A. Draper have curated an easily understood text on plant diseases that will benefit academics, plant pathologists, and practitioners, in particular. This single volume boasts versatility and useability. Whether utilized as a textbook, field guide, or reference handbook, Diseases of Field Crops will answer your important questions.

Diseases of Field Crops

Chapter 1
Integrated Plant Disease Management

Chapter 2
Diseases of Alfalfa

Chapter 3
Diseases of Barley

Chapter 4
Diseases of Canola

Chapter 5
Diseases of Chickpea

Chapter 6
Diseases of Corn (Maize)

Chapter 7
Diseases of Cotton

Chapter 8
Diseases of Field Beans

Chapter 9
Diseases of Flax

Chapter 10
Diseases of Lentils

Chapter 11
Diseases of Oat

Chapter 12
Diseases of Peanut

Chapter 13
Diseases of Pea

Chapter 14
Diseases of Rice

Chapter 15
Diseases of Safflower

Chapter 16
Diseases of Grain Sorghum

Chapter 17
Diseases of Soybean

Chapter 18
Diseases of Sugar Beet

Chapter 19
Diseases of Sugarcane

Chapter 20
Diseases of Sunflower

Chapter 21
Diseases of Tobacco

Chapter 22
Diseases of Wheat

Chapter 23
Diseases of Wild Rice


Publish Date: 2023
Format: 8.5” x 11” hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-669-7
Pages: 405
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

Edited by Clayton A. Hollier, G. Boyd Padgett, and Martin A. Draper

Diseases of Field Crops

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