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Plagas y Enfermedades de la Vid (Grape Diseases)
Plagas y Enfermedades de la Vid (Grape Diseases)

Spanish version of the Compendium of Grape Diseases.

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Of interest to everyone who works with grapes. Includes sections on cultural practices and selection of planting material.

From the Preface:

This compendium of diseases and disorders of grape was compiled as a reference for growers, viticulturists, crop advisers, and extension specialists as well as practicing plant pathologists. It was written for those with limited training in viticulture and pathology but has sufficient detail to be useful to students and professionals alike.

Each section was written by an active researcher or recognized expert on the subject. Included among the more than 30 authors are some who have not previously published in the English language, thereby making their knowledge available for the first time to English readers. 

The structure and growth stages of the healthy grapevine are described in the introduction in addition to a discussion of grapevine diversity that includes the important species of Vitis that have been used in breeding programs and as rootstocks. In subsequent sections, diseases are arranged according to causal agents. Diseases caused by biotic agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes are presented in Part I. Diseases caused by fungi are further subdivided according to the major part of the plant affected. Part II covers some forms of mite and insect injury that could be confused with diseases. Disorders caused by abiotic factors, such as nutrient deficiencies, environmental stresses, and chemical toxicities, are the subject of Part III. Part IV discusses how cultural practices influence disease. Efforts to prevent disease spread in this clonally propagated crop through the selection of disease-free planting material are descried in Part V, including clonal selection, clean stock registration and certification, and quarantine. A list of equivalent disease names in French, German, Italian, and Spanish is presented in the Appendix. The glossary of both viticulture and plant pathological terms should aid all readers.

Because of the international scope of this compendium, principles of disease control were purposely stressed rather than specific chemical control were purposely stressed rather than specific chemical control measures. Nevertheless, in sections where it seemed desirable, chemical control options are discussed in some detail.

A Second Edition is now also available in English.

Plagas y Enfermedades de la Vid (Grape Diseases)


Pathogens of Grape
The Family Vitaceae and Vitis Speciation
Grapevine Structure and Growth Stages
Historical Significance of Diseases in Grape Production

Part I: Diseases Caused by Biotic Factors

Fruit and Foliar Diseases Caused by Fungi

Powdery Mildew
Downy Mildew
Botrytis Bunch Rot and Blight
Black Rot
Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot
Bitter Rot
White Rot
Ripe Rot
Macrophoma Rot
Angular Leaf Spot
Diplodia Cane Dieback and Bunch Rot
Berry Rots and Raisin Molds

Minor Foliage Diseases

Leaf Blight
Leaf Blotch
Zonate Leaf Spot
Septoria Leaf Spot
Other Minor Foliage Diseases

Wood and Root Diseases Caused by Fungi

Eutypa Dieback
Esca and Black Measles
Black Dead Arm
Armillaria Root Rot
Phymatotrichum Root Rot
Verticillium Wilt
Dematophora Root Rot
Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot
Grape Root Rot

Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Bacterialike Organisms

Crown Gall
Bacterial Blight
Pierce's Disease

Grapevine Yellows Diseases

Flavescence Doree
Bois Noir and Vergilbungskrankheit
Other Grapevine Yellows

Diseases Caused by Viruses and Viruslike Agents

Fanleaf Degeneration
Tomato Ringspot Virus Decline
Tobacco Ringspot Virus Decline
Peach Rosette Mosaic Virus Decline
Corky Bark
Rupestris Stem Pitting
Other Virus and Viruslike Diseases

Nematode Parasites of Grape

Root-Knot Nematodes
Dagger and Needle Nematodes
Lesion Nematodes
Citrus Nematode
Miscellaneous Ectoparasitic Nematodes

Part II: Mites and Insects That Cause Disease-Like Symptoms in Grapes

Leafhoppers and Treehoppers

Part III: Disorders Caused by Abiotic Factors

Nutritional Disorders
Environmental Stress
Air Pollution
Pesticide Toxicity

Part IV: Effects of Cultural Practice on Disease

Modifying the Vine Microclimate
Altering Inoculum Levels
Alterning Disease Resistance of the Grapevine
Increasing Vine Tolerance of Disease

Part V: Selection of Planting Materials

Selection of Grapevines
Registration and Certification
Regulation of the International Trade in Grapevines for Propagation

Appendix: Equivalent Names of Grape Diseases and Disorders
Publish Date: 1988
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-088-6
Pages: 121
Images: 188 color images; 30 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Roger Pearson and Austin Goheen

List Price:104.00

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