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Compendium of Soybean Diseases and Pests, Fifth Edition
Compendium of Soybean Diseases and Pests, Fifth Edition

"A glossary and guide for diagnosis based on the symptoms is given for quick, brief identification and is helpful in field observations. The writing is both comprehensive and clear. Pictures provided for each symptom will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the content."
—Fungal Diversity

The most comprehensive book in the Compendium of Plant Disease Series! Includes more than 250 images and more than 200 pages!

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The most practical and comprehensive soybean pest management reference to date!

Soybean is one of the most significant crops grown in the world today. Soybeans are also hosts to a long list of diseases and insect pests, and that list grows each year. Practical references help users identify and manage this growing range of threats are vital to ensuring a healthy, high-yielding, profitable soybean harvest.

Enter the Compendium of Soybean Diseases and Pests, Fifth Edition. This unique and practical reference is tailored to the needs of soybean growers, consultants, extension agents, and plant pathologists working in the field, in diagnostic laboratories, in plant clinics, and in academic institutions.

The fifth edition is packed with new information on pests and their management since the fourth edition was launched more than a decade ago. This book is also more international in scope and comprehensive than its four previous editions, which sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide. In total, more than 90 diseases and their management are covered, along with the many major insect pests and abiotic disorders of soybean.

Each section of this compendium has been written or revised by top soybean authorities who are experts on the particular pests and disorders featured in the book. New sections in the fifth edition describe insect pests and their management, summarize the molecular detection of pathogens, and provide an international perspective on the importance of soybean disease management in the world’s leading soybean-producing countries.

Exactly 260 images and illustrations complement this comprehensive book, which has been organized into four main sections:

  • Part I addresses diseases and pests caused by biotic factors, including prokaryotes, fungi and oomycetes, nematodes, and viruses; and includes a section on seed and postharvest pathology.
  • Part II, which is new to this edition, covers insect pests and provides strategies for their management.
  • Part III discusses disorders caused by abiotic factors, ranging from weather-related stress disorders to those caused by mineral deficiencies and toxicities and injuries from various chemicals and pollutants.
  • Part IV provides strategies for the management of soybean diseases and pests. The discussion focuses on biological enhancements, cultural practices, host plant resistance, and pesticide use.

This edition also includes an introduction that provides background information about the history and growth of the soybean plant along with a contemporary discussion of the importance of soybean pathogens and pests in the world’s chief soybean-producing countries.

Several appendices identify pathogens of soybeans, insects associated with soybean, and hosts of soybean pathogens. A comprehensive glossary and index are provided, as well.

Whether you are a scientist who needs an authoritative reference on diseases or a practitioner who needs or provides management recommendations, this book is a must-have.

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Compendium of Soybean Diseases and Pests, Fifth Edition



History and Growth of the Soybean Plant
Worldwide Importance of Soybean Pathogens and Pests

Soybean Diseases in Argentina
Soybean Diseases in Brazil
Soybean Diseases in Canada
Soybean Diseases in China
Soybean Diseases in India
Soybean Diseases in Japan
Soybean Diseases of Importance in the United States

Part I. Infectious Diseases

Diseases Caused by Prokaryotes
Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Bacterial Blight
Bacterial Pustule
Bacterial Wilt and Bacterial Tan Spot
Bacillus Seed Decay
Other Bacteria
Ineffective Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Diseases Associated with Mollicutes

Bud Proliferation
Phyllody and Witches’-Broom
Clover Proliferation and Aster Yellows

Diseases Caused by Fungi and Oomycetes

Diseases of Foliage, Upper Stems, Pods, and Seeds

Alternaria Leaf Spot, Pod Necrosis, and Seed Decay
Aristastoma Leaf Spot and Yellowing
Black Leaf Blight
Brown Spot
Cercospora Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Stain
Choanephora Leaf Blight
Downy Mildew
Drechslera Blight
Frogeye Leaf Spot
Fusarium Seed Rot and Fusarium Species Associated with Seed
Leptosphaerulina Leaf Spot
Phomopsis Seed Decay
Phyllosticta Leaf Spot
Pod and Stem Blight
Powdery Mildew
Red Leaf Blotch
Rhizoctonia Aerial Blight and Web Blight
Soybean Rust
Sclerotinia Stem Rot
Stemphylium Leaf Blight
Target Spot
Yeast Spot of Pods and Seeds

Diseases of Lower Stems and Roots

Brown Stem Rot
Charcoal Rot
Fusarium Blight or Wilt, Root Rot, and Pod and Collar Rot
Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot
Pythium Seed Rot, Damping-Off, and Root Rot
Red Crown Rot
Rhizoctonia Damping-Off and Root Rot
Sclerotium Blight
Stachybotrys Root Rot
Stem Canker
Sudden Death Syndrome
Thielaviopsis Root Rot

Other Fungi and Oomycetes Reported in Soybean

Diseases Caused by Nematodes

Lance Nematodes
Lesion Nematodes
Reniform Nematodes
Root-Knot Nematodes
Soybean Cyst Nematode
Sting Nematodes and Other Nematodes

Diseases Caused by Viruses

Single-Stranded, Positive-Sense RNA Genomes

    Cowpea mild mottle virus
    Alfalfa mosaic virus
    Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus
    Peanut stunt virus and Cucumber mosaic virus
(Soybean stunt strain)
    Tobacco streak virus
    Soybean dwarf virus
    Indonesian soybean dwarf virus
    Bean common mosaic virus
(Peanut stripe strain)
    Bean yellow mosaic virus
    Peanut mottle virus
    Soybean mosaic virus
    Bean pod mottle virus
    Cowpea severe mosaic virus

    Other Comoviruses
    Cycas necrotic stunt virus
(Soybean mild mosaic strain)
    Soybean severe stunt virus
    Tobacco ringspot virus
    Other Nepoviruses
    Soybean yellow mottle mosaic virus
and Blackgram mottle virus
    Tobacco mosaic virus

Single-Stranded, Ambisense RNA Genomes


    Soybean vein necrosis virus

Double-Stranded DNA Genomes

and Soymovirus
    Soybean chlorotic mottle virus
and Soybean Putnam virus
    Milk vetch dwarf virus

Single-Stranded DNA Genomes


Seed and Postharvest Pathology

Detection of Seedborne Pathogens
Seedborne Bacteria
Seedborne Field Fungi
Storage Fungi

Molecular Methods for Pathogen Detection and Quantification

Bacterial Pathogens
Fungal and Oomycete Pathogens
Nematode Pathogens
Viral Pathogens
Method Selection

Part II. Arthropod Pests

Pests and Their Management
Bean Leaf Beetle
Dectes Stem Borer
Kudzu Bug
Soybean Aphid
Stink Bugs
Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper
Twospotted Spider Mite
Pest Management Strategies

Part III. Noninfectious and Stress Disorders

Weather Factors Associated with Stress
Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities
Green Stem Disorder
Herbicide Injury
Fungicide and Insecticide Injury
Air Pollutant Injury

Part IV. Soybean Disease and Pest Management Strategies

Biological Enhancements
Cultural Practices
Host Plant Resistance


I. Diseases of Soybean
II. Pests of Soybean


"A glossary and guide for diagnosis based on the symptoms is given for quick, brief identification and is helpful in field observations. The writing is both comprehensive and clear. Pictures provided for each symptom will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the content."
—Fungal Diversity
Publish Date: 2015
Format: 8.5” × 11” softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-473-0
Pages: 201
Images: 237 color images; 23 black and white images
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Glen L. Hartman, John C. Rupe, Edward J. Sikora, Leslie L. Domier, Jeffrey A. Davis, and Kevin L. Steffey

List Price:135.00

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