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50 Video Clips on Fungal Diseases of Cereals DVD
50 Video Clips on Fungal Diseases of Cereals DVD

These hand-picked award-winning video clips will help you create compelling presentations that will fascinate and educate your students.

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The 50 video clips on this DVD will delight teacher and student alike. The wonder of biology is clearly evident in these hand-picked sequences and will help you create compelling presentations that will fascinate and educate your students. Ever since the Fungal Pathogens and Diseases of Cereals Video Series became available, professors have wanted to use specific clips from the videos for their class PowerPoint™ presentations…now it’s possible! This new DVD has 50 clips from all eight videos in the series.

Many of the intriguing ways that fungal parasites interact with their plant hosts are artistically magnified and brought to life in these 50 video clips. The ingenious animations of fungal biology in these clips replace the humdrum and lifeless life-cycle diagrams that were the teaching tools of the past. This totally convenient format allows you to import bits of brilliant animation into presentations, reinforcing your teaching with vibrant illustrations of fungal biology.

Although the clips may certainly be used to teach details of specific important diseases of cereal crops, they are also especially desirable for use in general biology classes, as well as for classes in plant pathology and mycology. Cooperative Extension educators will be able to use these clips as highlights in their presentations to commercial growers and in Master Gardener training.

The booklet that comes with the DVD will help you to choose the perfect video segments of topics you would like to demonstrate to your students: formation of sexual and asexual fungus spores, fungal attacks on plants, epidemic development, haustorium formation, and disease resistance, for example. The voice-over narration gives the story; replays without the soundtrack can be used to emphasize the points appropriate to the individual instructor’s purposes. By so vividly illustrating interesting stories on fungal biology, these clips will greatly help students to grasp complex principles and new scientific vocabulary.


2012 COMENIUS Award

The oldest German and European Award for excellent educational media, the Comenius Award is given annually by The Society for Pedagogy and Information, a renowned scientific society for multimedia, educational technology, and media didactics. The recipient of this prize is selected in an independent review process according to didactic and scientific merit.

50 Video Clips on Fungal Diseases of Cereals DVD

The 50 short movie clips on this DVD were taken from eight full-length videos in the DVD series Fungal Pathogens and Diseases of Cereals edited by Professor Dr. Joseph-Alexander Verreet and Dr. Holger Klink, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel. These DVDs are also available to purchase separately through APS PRESS. Each volume includes up to three teaching videos focusing on major fungal diseases of cereals:

Vol. 1: Fungal pathogens and diseases of cereals

  • Septoria leaf blotch of wheat (8:30 min)
  • Tan spot of wheat (8:30 min)
  • Powdery mildew of wheat (10:50 min)

Vol. 2: Fungal pathogens and diseases of cereals 

  • Leaf rust and other rusts of cereals (15:30 min)
  • Fusarium diseases of wheat (10:50 min)

Vol. 3: Fungal pathogens and diseases of cereals 

  • Barley leaf spots – fungal disease or stress response? (14:00 min)

Vol. 4: Fungal pathogens and diseases of cereals

  • Eyespot disease of small grains (13:00 min)
  • Bunt and smut diseases of cereals (10:00 min)

Videos on this DVD:

Videos from “Septoria leaf blotch of wheat”

Clip_01 Ascogonium and antheridium
Clip_02 Ascus formation

Clip_03 Ascospore release
Clip_04 Infection by ascospores
Clip_05 Pycnidia
Clip_06 Infection by pycnospores

Videos from “Tan spot of wheat”

Clip_07 Pseudothecia
Clip_08 Conidiospores
Clip_09 Infection by ascospores
Clip_10 Drechslera tritici-repentis and Drechslera teres
Clip_11 Infection by DTR conidiospores

Videos from “Powdery mildew of wheat”

Clip_12 Primary pustules
Clip_13 Host infection
Clip_14 Conidia formation
Clip_15 Epidemic
Clip_16 Resistance to mildew
Clip_17 Mildew’s genetic adaptability
Clip_18 Teleomorph

Videos from “Leaf rust and other rusts of cereals”

Clip_19 Reproductive cycle of urediniospores
Clip_20 Formation of teliospores
Clip_21 Formation of basidiospores
Clip_22 Formation of pycniospores and aeciospores
Clip_23 Complete life cycle (summary)
Clip_24 Brown rust of rye, barley leaf rust, stem rust of wheat
Clip_25 Stripe or yellow rust

Videos from “Fusarium diseases of wheat”

Clip_26 Seedling infection
Clip_27 Foot rot
Clip_28 Formation and spread of conidia
Clip_29 Formation and spread of ascospores
Clip_30 Infection of heads
Clip_31 Mycotoxins

Videos from “Barley leaf spots – fungal disease or stress response?”

Clip_32 Barley leaf spots (an overview)
Clip_33 The fungus Ramularia collo-cygni
Clip_34 Fungal infection of the host plant
Clip_35 Physiological leaf spots (PLS)
Clip_36 The plant’s antioxidant protection system
Clip_37 Oxidative stress
Clip_38 Antioxidant effects of fungicides

Videos from “Eyespot disease of small grains”

Clip_39 Conidia formation
Clip_40 Conidial spread and germination
Clip_41 Host infection
Clip_42 Disease development
Clip_43 Genetic recombination
Clip_44 Formation and spread of ascospores

Videos from “Bunt and smut diseases of cereals”

Clip_45 Common bunt of wheat
Clip_46 Contamination of healthy grains
Clip_47 Germination of bunt spore
Clip_48 Seedling infection
Clip_49 Loose smut of barley
Clip_50 Embryo infection

"This clip collection is a treasure trove for the teacher who understands that many different media are necessary to keep students engaged and learning. These illustrations will lock in a student’s understanding of material studied in textbooks by giving them a particularly vivid visual demonstration of structures and their functions. The interactions between fungi and plants come alive via the artistry of these clips."
—Margery Daughtrey, Editor-in-Chief, APS PRESS

The 50 Video Clips of Fungal Diseases of Cereals Terms of Use

Standard Limited Use License

The 50 Video Clips of Fungal Diseases of Cereals is protected by copyright and its use is limited solely to the individual purchaser. It may not be loaned, rented, transferred or otherwise shared with other individuals. You, the purchaser, may use the clips in the collection in your own personal, noncommercial work and teaching. This includes searching, viewing, and digitally projecting clips for presentations. No exported video clips may be distributed "as is" directly from the Collection. Rather, all exported clips must be encompassed in a larger application personally developed by the licensed user such as a Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation.

Local Area Network (LAN) License Upgrade

The DVD and its content may not be run concurrently on more than one computer and it may not be networked unless an upgraded Local Area Network (LAN) License is purchased. If a LAN License is purchased, its use is limited to a specific site access and must be controlled to include only staff and/or students at that location. Within the LAN License the videos may be shown with the same privileges as the Limited Use License and also allows the videos to be viewed by students and staff autonomously as long as they are limited to access from the specified single location. If you are interested in a single-site LAN license for this product, the additional cost is $300, please contact

If you are uncertain which license privileges of the DVD you qualify for, please contact Distribution without the permission of the publishers is prohibited. Infringements will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

Publish Date: 2008
Format: DVD compatible with PC and Mac
ISBN: 978-0-89054-362-7
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by Prof. Dr. Joseph-Alexander Verreet and Dr. Holger Klink

List Price:272.00

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