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Diseases and Pests of Sugarbeet Volume 2 DVD
Diseases and Pests of Sugarbeet Volume 2 DVD

This DVD uses 3D computer animations and commentaries to depict the complete life cycles of pathogens as well as means of control.

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This DVD uses three-dimensional computer animations and commentaries to depict the complete life cycles of pathogens as well as means of control.

Plant pathology is a discipline devoted to maintaining plant health and, by so doing, helping to ensure economically and ecologically sound production of foodstuffs in sufficient quantities and of high quality. This places great demands on the effectiveness of research. It also presupposes indepth knowledge of many aspects of both abiotic and biotic pathogens (e.g. fungi, bacteria, viruses, animal pests) and of plant protection. Teaching is therefore of great importance. One especially interesting aspect of it is the transfer of knowledge of the sometimes very complex biological relationships in the life or development cycles of pathogenic organisms – host-parasite relationships which run their course under prevailing plant cultivation and environmental conditions. The video series Diseases and Pests of Sugarbeet employs state-of-the-art visualization methods to illustrate the life cycles of various pathogens. The combination of vivid 3D computer animations with real images results in a realistic overall picture that helps the viewer to understand the bio-ecological aspects of host-parasite relationships. This new information medium addresses both specialist and lay audiences. The target groups include teachers and students at many types of educational institutions, university lecturers, students of agronomy, biology, ecology and their related disciplines, as well as governmental and non-governmental advisory bodies and, last but not least, farmers.

Videos on this volume:

2.1 Rhizomania (12:00 min)
Rhizomania or “root madness” is one of the most serious diseases of sugarbeet. It is caused by Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV). The virus is carried and transmitted by the soilborne protozoan Polymyxa betae. When zoospores of P. betae carrying BNYVV invade roots of sugarbeet, the virus is released by the protozoan, multiplies, and spreads within the plant. Virus infection causes massive proliferation of secondary roots, giving the taproot a bearded appearance. Storage of sugar in the taproot is substantially reduced. With photo-like 3D computer animations, the film illustrates the life-cycle of the virus vector P. betae, thus leading to a better understanding of the development of rhizomania and, consequently, means of controlling it. Finally, information on new high-yield rhizomania-resistant varieties of sugarbeet is presented.

2.2 Root Rot – Biological Strategies of Root-Rotting Pathogens (9:50 min)
Soilborne pathogens known to cause root rot of sugarbeet include Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium oxysporum, and Aphanomyces cochlioides. In order to utilize the energy stored in the sugarbeets, these pathogens adopt different strategies: Rhizoctonia solani forms specialized infection structures (infection cushions), Fusarium oxysporum releases toxins that support fungal growth within the beet’s vascular system, and the mode of infection of Aphanomyces cochlioides is characterized by formation of motile zoospores. The various biologic strategies are illustrated in detail, followed by sequences focusing on agronomic disease management methods, including plant resistance.

Winner of the 2005 Scientific and Popular Scientific Films

Rhizomania was awarded top prize at the 22nd International Film Festival AGROFILM. The AGROFILM festival is organized by the Ministry of Land Management of the Slovak Republic and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Image of award on right.

Winner of the 2006 COMENIUS Award
The COMENIUS Award is given annually by The Society for Pedagogy and Information, a renowned scientific society for multimedia, educational technology, and media didactics. The recipient of this prize is selected in an independent review process according to didactic and scientific merit.

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Diseases and Pests of Sugarbeet Volume 2 DVD: Rhizomania, Root-Rotting Pathogens

Videos on this volume:

2.1 Rhizomania
(12:00 min)

2.2 Root Rot – Biological Strategies of Root-Rotting Pathogens (9:50 min)

MULTILINGUAL DVD: English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

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Publish Date: 2006
Format: DVD
ISBN: 978-0-89054-340-5
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by Prof. Dr. Joseph-Alexander Verreet and Dr. Holger Klink

List Price:209.00
Diseases and Pests of Sugarbeet Volume 2 DVD: Rhizomania, Root-Rotting Pathogens

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