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La biología de los hongos patógenos, Vol. 1 DVD
La biología de los hongos patógenos, Vol. 1 DVD

Hongos patógenos y enfermedades de los cereales, Volume 1

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The video series The Biology of Fungal Pathogens combines three-dimensional computer animation with photography to present the life cycles of various fungal pathogens. Covering Septoria Blotch of Wheat, Tan Spot of Wheat, Net Blotch of Barley, and Powdery Mildew, this use of modern visualization technology provides life-like images that leave the viewer with a lasting impression of biological and ecological aspects of host-pathogen interactions.

The Biology of Fungal Pathogens provides knowledge of the conditions under which parasitic fungi live and develop. Animated color photographs of plant disease symptoms enable visual identification of diseases and the description of improved laboratory techniques allows researchers to achieve a higher degree of accuracy. Data on pathogen distribution within countries provides reliable information on geographic trends. With impressively lucid commentaries, these videos provide fascinating insight into the life cycles of major fungal pathogens, speeding crop disease detection and treatment.

Imparting images impossible to capture and present with conventional microscopy, The Biology of Fungal Pathogens, is appealing to both the novice and the expert. Professors and their students in secondary, undergraduate, and post-graduate education as well as technical advisors and the growers they serve will marvel at the knowledge conveyed by these award-winning videos.


 2002 COMENIUS Award

The oldest German and European Award for excellent educational media, the Comenius Award is given annually by The Society for Pedagogy and Information, a renowned scientific society for multimedia, educational technology, and media didactics. The recipient of this prize is selected in an independent review process according to didactic and scientific merit.



INTERMEDIA GLOBE SILVER in "Documentaries: Research and Science," 2002 World Media Festival

Winners of the festival are not only selected on the basis of artistic and technical quality but also on how effectively they are able communicate their message to the intended target group.

La biología de los hongos patógenos, Vol. 1 DVD

Videos in this Volume:

1.1 Septoriosis: Mancha de la hoja del trigo (8:30 min)
The fungus Mycosphaerella graminicola (anamorph: Septoria tritici) causes Septoria leaf blotch of wheat. The life cycle of this pathogen is illustrated in photo-like 3D animations and real-image video sequences – from the development of the primary sexual stage, Mycosphaerella graminicola, to the maturation of the asexually formed pycnospores. Splashes of rain carry the pycnospores to adjacent and next-higher leaves which, if they are sufficiently wet, are thus infected. However, the first symptoms of Septoria leaf blotch appear only after a typical latency period of around 28 days.

1.2 Mancha amarilla del trigo y mancha en red de la cebada (8:30 min)
Crop rotation with a high proportion of wheat and minimum tillage encourage development of tan spot of wheat, caused by Pyrenophora triticirepentis (anamorph: Drechslera tritici-repentis). The development cycle of this fungus is explained in clear, easy-to-understand 3D animations and real-image video. The closely related fungus Drechslera teres, the causal agent of net blotch of barley, is also described.

1.3 Oidio del trigo (10:50 min)
Blumeria graminis (anamorph: Oidium monilioides) causes powdery mildew of cereals. The life cycle of this obligate biotrophic parasite is depicted in exquisite 3D computer animations and macro images. The fungus survives host dormancy in summer by forming fruiting bodies  (cleistothecia) in which sexual ascospores mature. The video also explains the reasons for the pathogen’s high genetic adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

"Due to the exquisite three-dimensional visualization technology used, the video series provides a fascinating insight at the microscopic level on the biology of fungal pathogens. A high scientific standard is guaranteed by the editors and contributing colleagues from agricultural university faculties."
—Journal of Phytopathology

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Publish Date: 2012
Format: DVD
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by Dr. Joseph-Alexander Verreet and Dr. Holger Klink, Department of Plant Pathology, Christian-Albrechts University

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