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Compendium of Umbelliferous Crop Diseases
Compendium of Umbelliferous Crop Diseases

"This is a book useful to anyone working with umbelliferous crops."
—Nematolgia Meditterana

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Compendium of Umbelliferous Crop Diseases provides an international account of umbelliferous crop diseases and practical guidelines for control. The compendium begins with an overview of the origin and domestication of carrots and celery, carrot and celery production, the causes of umbelliferous crop diseases, and information pertaining to breeding for disease resistance. In addition to carrots and celery, diseases of parsnip, cumin, coriander, parsley, caraway, and cilantro are included.

The compendium describes infectious diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses, and phytoplasmas as well as noninfectious disorders caused by air pollution, allelopathy, mineral deficiencies and toxicities, pesticide-related injury, and many others. The description of each disease includes a general overview of its importance and world distribution, symptoms, causal organism or agent, disease cycle and epidemiology, control, and selected references. Control measures stress general principles and cultural practices that apply to most growing areas.

This useful reference is ideal for plant pathologists, crop production specialists, growers, diagnostic clinicians, students, regulatory agents, crop consultants, educators, researchers, extension personnel, and others interested in the diagnosis or management of diseases of umbelliferous crops throughout the world.

Compendium of Umbelliferous Crop Diseases


Origin and Domestication of Carrots
Carrot Production
Origin and Domestication of Celery
Celery Production
Causes of Diseases of Umbelliferous Crops
Breeding for Disease Resistance in Carrots
Breeding for Disease Resistance in Celery

Part I. Infectious Diseases

Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Bacterial Blight and Brown Stem of Celery
Bacterial Blight of Coriander
Bacterial Blight of Parsnip
Bacterial Leaf Blight of Carrot
Bacterial Leaf Spot of Celery
Bacterial Leaf Spot of Cilantro
Crown Gall
Soft Rot

Diseases Caused by Fungi
Foliar Diseases

Alternaria Leaf Blight of Carrot
Alternaria Leaf Blight of Cumin
Alternaria Leaf Blight of Parsley
Anthracnose of Caraway
Cercospora Leaf Blight of Carrot
Cercosporoid Leaf Blights
Colletotrichum Diseases of Celery
Downy Mildew
Early Blight of Celery
Late Blight of Celery
Powdery Mildew
Septoria Blight of Parsley
Stem Gall of Coriander

Crown, Root, and Wilt Diseases

Black Rot
Brown Rot of Carrot (Phoma Disease)
Brown Spot of Celery
Cavity Spot
Cottony Rot/Pink Rot
Crater Spot
Crown Rot of Carrot
Fusarium Dry Rot
Fusarium Wilt of Cumin
Fusarium Yellows of Celery
Itersonilia Canker of Parsnip
Phoma Canker of Parsnip
Phoma Crown and Root Rot of Celery
Phymatotrichopsis Root Rot
Phytophthora Root Rot
Pythium Root Rot. Root Dieback (Pythium Brown Root) of Carrot
Southern Blight
Violet Root Rot

Postharvest Fungal Diseases

Black Root Rot
Blue-green Mold
Crater Rot
Gray Mold
Licorice Rot
Rhizopus Wooly Soft Rot
Sooty Rot
Sour Rot
Yeasty Rot

Detection of Seedborne Pathogens
Diseases Caused by Nematodes

Cyst Nematode
Lesion Nematode
Needle Nematode
Pin Nematode
Root-Knot Nematode
Sting Nematode Stubby Root, Awl, Spiral, and Stem Nematodes

Diseases Caused by Viruses and Phytoplasmas

Carrot Motley Dwarf
Carrot Thin Leaf
Carrot virus Y
Celery Mosaic
Cilantro Yellow Blotch
Celery Yellow Net
Curly Top
Parsnip Yellow Fleck
Southern Mosaic
Strap Leaf
Tomato Spotted Wilt
Aster Yellows and Beet Leafhopper-Transmitted Virescence Agent Yellows

Part II. Injuries and Abiotic and Noninfectious Biotic Disorders

Air Pollution
Blackheart of Celery
Fertilizer Injury
Greening of Carrot
Insect and Arthropod Injury
Naled Toxicity of Celery
Nutrient Deficiency
Parasitic Plants
Pithiness of Celery
Salinity and pH Soil Compaction, Cross-bracing, and Crusting
Splitting of Carrot
Weather-related Injuries


Names and Authorities of Bacteria, Fungi, and Nematodes That Affect Umbelliferous Crops


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"This is a book useful to anyone working with umbelliferous crops."
—Nematolgia Meditterana

Publish Date: 2002
Format: 8.5” x 11” softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-287-3
Pages: 110
Images: 136 color images; 16 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by R. Michael Davis and Richard N. Raid

List Price:115.00

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