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Citrus Health Management
Citrus Health Management

The detailed management methods explained in Citrus Health Management will help produce healthy and profitable citrus crops.

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Citrus Health Management is the fourth title in the Plant Health Management Series designed to aid in developing a successful plant health program. Integrated Pest Management practices cover not only the interelationship between plant, pathogen and the environment, but also describe several economic and environmental issues related to citrus health. This combination creates a holistic treatment of citrus health management. Following the detailed management methods explained in Citrus Health Management will help produce healthy and profitable citrus crops.

Citrus Health Management

Part 1: Introduction

The Basis for Citrus Health Management

Larry W. Duncan

Part 2: Orchard Establishment

Citrus Cultivation

Larry K. Jackson

Rootstock and Scion Selection

W. S. Castle and F. G. Gmitter

Nursery Practices and Certification Programs for Budwood and Rootstocks

R. F. Lee, Paul S. Lehman, and Luis Navarro

Part 3: Crop Production

Horticultural Practices for Citrus Health

T. A. Wheaton, W. S. Castle, J. D. Whitney, and D. P. H. Tucker

Soils and Citrus Nutrition

Ashok K. Alva and David P. H. Tucker

Water Management

Brian Boman, Yoseph Levy, and Larry Parsons

Integrated Vegetation Management in Citrus Production

David P. H. Tucker and Megh Singh

Part 4: Crop Health

Systemic Diseases

Stephen M. Garnsey

Diseases of Fruit and Foliage

L. W. Timmer

Arthropod Pests of Foliage and Fruit

Harold W. Browning

The Citrus Integrator: Integrating Insect and Disease Management

Steven Rogers

Root Diseases

J. H. Graham and J. A. Menge

Nematode Diseases of Citrus

Larry W. Duncan

Arthropod Pests of Citrus Roots

Clayton W. McCoy

Part 5: Economics of Crop Production

Economic Decisions for Growers: How to Manage for Greater Efficiency

Ronald P. Muraro and Stephen H. Futch

Part 6: Postharvest Considerations

Maintaining Fruit Health after Harvest

G. Eldon Brown and William R. Miller

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Publish Date: 1999
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-227-9
Pages: 197
Images: 90 color images; 24 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by L. W. Timmer and Larry W. Duncan

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