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Ceratocystis & Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology & Pathogenicity
Ceratocystis & Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology & Pathogenicity

Although this book's emphasis is on taxonomy, information is also given on sapstain of logs, conifer diseases, and other plant diseases.

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From the Preface:

Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathogenicity is based on an international symposium that brought together researchers from different disciplines to discuss the many aspects of the biology of the ophiostomatoid fungi in a single forum. The broader subjects under consideration included taxonomy, ecology and pathogenicity.

Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathogenicity

List of Contributors

Part 1: Morphology and Taxonomy

Chapter 1: Classification of the Ophiostomatoid Fungi

H. P. Upadhyay

Chapter 2: The case for distinguishing Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma

G. J. Samuels

Chapter 3: Problems in delineating the Genus Ceratocystiopsis

M. J. Wingfield

Chapter 4: Graphium anamorphs of Ophiostoma species and similar anamorphs of other Ascomycetes

K. A. Seifert and G. Okada

Chapter 5: Leptographium species as anamorphs of Ophiostoma: Progress in establishing acceptable generic and species concepts

M. J. Wingfield

Chapter 6: Sporothrix-like anamorphs of Ophiostoma species and other fungi

G. S. de Hoog

Chapter 7: The anamorph as generic determinant in the holomorph: The Chalara connection in the Ascomycetes, with special reference to the Ophiostomatoid Fungi

T. R. Nag Raj and W. B. Kendrick

Chapter 8: Relationships between the yeasts with hat-shaped ascospores and the Ophiostomatoid Fungi

W. B. Kendrick, J. P. van der Walt, and M. J. Wingfield

Part 2: New Taxonomic Criteria

Chapter 9: The genetic system as a fungal taxonomic tool: Gene flow, molecular variation and sibling species in the "Ophiostoma piceae-Ophiostoma ulmi" complex and its taxonomic and ecological significance

C. M. Brasier

Chapter 10: Grouping the isolates and species of Ceratocystis sensu lato on the basis of molecular and morphological characters

G. Hausner, J. Reid, and G. R. Klassen

Chapter 11: Consideration of higher taxonomic relationships involving Pyxidiophora

M. Blackwell, J. W. Spatafora, D. Malloch, and J. W. Taylor

Chapter 12: Potential value of cellular long-chain fatty acid composition in the taxonomy of the Ophiostomatoid Fungi

J. L. F. Kock, M. J. Wingfield and S. C. Erasmus

Chapter 13: Volatile metabolites produced by species of Ophiostoma and Ceratocystis

H. P. Hanssen

Chapter 14: Immunological detection of some Ophiostomatoid Fungi

C. Breuil and K. A. Seifert

Chapter 15: Ultrastructure of centrum and ascospore development in selected Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma species

P. W. J. van Wyk, M. J. Wingfield, and P. S. van Wyk

Part 3: Pathology and Ecological Aspects

Chapter 16: Sapstain of commercial lumber by species of Ophiostoma and Ceratocystis

K. A. Seifert

Chapter 17: The biology of Ophiostomatoid Fungi causing sapstain in trees and freshly cut logs

J. N. Gibbs

Chapter 18: Diseases of conifers caused by species of Ophiostoma and Leptographium

T. C. Harrington

Chapter 19: Plant diseases caused by species of Ceratocystis sensu stricto and Chalara

G. A. Kile

Chapter 20: Medically important Sporothrix species and related Ophiostomatoid Fungi

R. C. Summerbell, J. Kane, S. Krajden, and E. E. Duke

Part 4: Insect Relations and Host Responses

Chapter 21: Dispersal biology of the Ophiostomatoid Fungi

D. Malloch and M. Blackwell

Chapter 22: Tree responses to infection by species of Ophiostoma and Ceratocystis

E. B. Smalley, K. F. Raffa, R. H. Proctor, and K. D. Klepzig

Chapter 23: Host defense reactions in response to inoculation with Ophiostoma species

T. D. Paine, F. M. Stephen, and R. G. Cates

Chapter 24: Induced defence reaction of conifers to bark beetles and their associated Ophiostoma species

F. Lieutier

Chapter 25: Ecological Aspects of fungi associated with the spruce bark beetle Ips typographus in Norway

H. Solheim

Chapter 26: Phytoalexins and other biochemical factors associated with infection by Ceratocystis fimbriata

M. Kojima

Part 5: Research Aids and Future Considerations

Chapter 27: Methods for studying species of Ophiostoma and Ceratocystis

K. A. Seifert, J. F. Webber, and M. J. Wingfield

Chapter 28: A synoptic key to species of Ophiostoma, Ceratocystis and Ceratocystiopsis

B. T. Grylls and K. A. Seifert

Chapter 29: A nomenclator for described species of Ceratocystis, Ophiostoma, Ceratocystiopsis, Ceratostomella and Sphaeronaemella

K. A. Seifert, M. J. Wingfield, and W. B. Kendrick

Chapter 30: Problems and prospects for future research of Ophiostomatoid Fungi

W. B. Kendrick

Publish Date: 1993
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-156-2
Pages: 293
Images: 80 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Michael J. Wingfield, Keith A. Seifert, and Joan F. Webber

List Price:83.00
Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathogenicity

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