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Dutch Elm Disease - The Early Papers Selected Works...
Dutch Elm Disease - The Early Papers Selected Works...

Studies by early women scientists that recorded the earliest information on Dutch Elm Disease.


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This book presents an often overlooked fact: that the pioneering research on Dutch elm disease was done by women scientists. Theses women studied and recorded the earliest information on this disease.

Remarks by the Translators:

We read these papers with an enormous hindsight, developed in 70 years of DED outbreaks, and through thousands of scientific publications on the disease. It is fascinating to look through the eyes of these young women afresh at a this disease, and to follow how they reached their (mostly correct) conclusions.

Dutch Elm Disease - The Early Papers: Selected Works of Seven Dutch Women Phytopathologists

Remarks by the Translators of this Phytopathology Classic

Chapter 1: Seven Dutch Women Scientist Whose Early Research is Basic to Our Knowledge of the “Dutch Elm Disease”

Chapter 2: Barendina Gerarda Spierenburg (1880-1967)

An unknown Disease Among the Elms
An Unknown Disease Among the Elms

Chapter 3: Marie Beatrice Schwarz (1898-1969)

The Twing Dying to the Elms, Willows and Peach Trees, A Comparative Pathological Study

Chapter 4: Johanna Westerdijk (1883-1961)

Is the Elm Disease an Infectious Disease?
The Elm Disease, Report on the Research Conducted at the Behest of the Dutch Heath Society

Chapter 5: Christine Johanna Buisman (1900 – 1935)

The Cause of the Elm Disease
Ceratostomell aumi, the Sexual Form of Graphium ulmi
On the Occurrence of Ceratostomella ulmi Busiman in Nature

Chapter 6: Maria Sara Johanna Ledeboer ( 1904-1988)

Physiological Research on Ceratostomella ulmi

Chapter 7: Johanna Catharina Went ( 1905-)

Report on the Investigations Concerning the Elm Disease, Carried out at the ‘Willie Commelin Scholten’ Phytopathological Laboratory at Baarn, During 1936

Chapter 8: Louise Catharina Petronella Kerling ( 1900-1985)

fifty Years of the Elm Disease
Notes and Suggestion for Users of Any Translation

Publish Date: 1990
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-110-4
Pages: 154
Images: 36 images
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Translated and Prepared by Francis W. Holmes and Hans M. Heybroek

List Price:73.00
Dutch Elm Disease - The Early Papers: Selected Works of Seven Dutch Women Phytopathologists

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