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Botrytis - The Fungus, The Pathogen & its Management...
Botrytis - The Fungus, The Pathogen & its Management...

The book presents in details the most advanced and recent information on Botrytis—plant interactions.

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The fungal genus Botrytis is the focus of intensive scientific research worldwide. The complex interactions between this pathogen and the plants it infects and the economic importance of the diseases caused by Botrytis (principally grey mould) on more than 1400 species of cultivated plants pre- and post-harvest, render this pathogen of particular interest to farmers, advisers, students and researchers in many fields worldwide. This 20-chapter book is a comprehensive treatise covering the rapidly developing science of Botrytis and reflecting the major developments in studies of this fungus. It will serve as a source of general information for specialists in agriculture and horticulture, and also for students and scientists interested in the biology of this fascinating, multifaceted phytopathogenic fungal species.

Botrytis —The Fungus, The Pathogen and its Management in Agricultural Systems

Botrytis, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yigal Elad

Botrytis-Biology, Detection and Quantification

(Molly) Frances M. Dewey

Genetics of Botrytis cinerea

Rita Milvia Miccolis Angelini

Vegetative Incompatibility in Botrytis

Nadia Korolev

RNA Mycoviruses and Their Role in Botrytis Biology

Mingde Wu

Diversity Within and Between Species of Botrytis

Anne-Sophie Walker

Epidemiology and Aerobiology of Botrytis spp.

Odile Carisse

Cultural and Integrated Control of Botrytis spp.

Yigal Elad

Biological Control and Biopesticide Suppression of Botrytis-Incited Diseases

Philippe C. Nicot

Chemical Control and Resistance Management of Botrytis Diseases

Sabine Fillinger

Control Strategies for Postharvest Grey Mould on Fruit Crops

Gianfranco Romanazzi

Infection Process and Fungal Virulence Factors

Celedonio González

Signal Transduction Cascades Regulating Differentiation and Virulence in Botrytis cinerea

Julia Schumacher

Reactive Oxygen Species in the Botrytis – Host Interaction

Ulrike Siegmund

Secondary Metabolism in Botrytis cinerea: Combining Genomic and Metabolomic Approaches

Isidro G. Collado

Contribution of Proteomics Research to Understanding Botrytis Biology and Pathogenicity

Eva Liñeiro

Overview of Plant Defence Systems: Lessons from Arabidopsis-Botrytis cinerea Systems Biology

Oliver Windram

Hitting the Wall: Plant Cell Walls During Botrytis cinerea Infections

Barbara Blanco-Ulate

Ripening of Tomato Fruit and Susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea

Barbara Blanco-Ulate

Plant Hosts of Botrytis spp.

Yigal Elad

Publish Date: 2016
Format: 6.5” × 9.5” hardcover
Pages: 486
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Sabine Fillinger and Yigal Elad

List Price:229.00
Botrytis—The Fungus, The Pathogen and its Management in Agricultural Systems

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