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PROGRESSIVE: Compendium of Cannabis
PROGRESSIVE: Compendium of Cannabis


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  • Individual chapters are published as they are completed, ensuring readers have up-to-date information about the diagnosis, epidemiology, and management of cannabis diseases.
  • Updates will be provided as new information becomes available about cannabis pathogens and the diseases they cause.

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Cannabis use goes back as far as 10,000 years, based on the archeological discovery of hemp cloth and rope and the documentation of medicinal plants and texts, but since the early twentieth century, cannabis use for medicinal and intoxicant purposes has been highly regulated worldwide. Researchers therefore have had limited legal flexibility in working on cannabis, despite the availability of sophisticated means for pathogen identification.

The editors and authors of Compendium of Cannabis Diseases have explored, confirmed, and characterized the pathogens of cannabis and compared their findings with those reported in historical literature. Sources are cited in every chapter to help readers distinguish between recently confirmed causal agents and those documented in historical texts. Each chapter also relies on the availability of literature specific to cannabis, not literature with more general coverage of pathogens.

Given the wide range of cannabis types and production systems, as well as the evolving markets and consequent cultivar introductions, cannabis is susceptible to many pathogens. To ensure Compendium of Cannabis Diseases provides current and timely information about these pathogens and the diseases they cause, the editors and authors of this robust, international guide will provide updates as peer-reviewed data become available.

Compendium of Cannabis Diseases is the first book in the APS Diseases and Pests Compendium Series published in a progressive format: Chapters will be published online as they are completed and updated to reflect current research. To maintain professional quality, all the chapters in a progressive compendium will undergo the same peer-review and technical edit stages as other APS PRESS books. The complete table of contents is published online with the first release of chapters. Chapters to be published in subsequent releases are iden¬tified as “forthcoming,” and the contents is updated each time more chapters are added. When all the chapters have been added and the online version of the book is complete, a print version of the compendium will be produced.

APS PRESS designed this progressive model to streamline publication and thereby provide users with greater accessibility to timely information and flexibility in receiving it. Publishing content as it is available will ensure readers have up-to-date information about the diagnosis, epidemiology, and management of cannabis diseases.

Access to the Diseases and Pests Compendium Series Online through personal and library subscriptions includes Compendium of Cannabis Diseases and will include all future progressive compendia. Individual chapters of progressive compendia also will be available by download. Subscribe to follow each new book as it unfolds online and to explore all the digital offerings of APS PRESS.

Compendium of Cannabis Diseases

Front Matter

Introduction to the Progressive Compendium

SECTION 1: Infectious Diseases Caused by Bacteria

CHAPTER 01-01.1: Bacterial Blight (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 01-02.1: Xanthomonas Leaf Spot (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 01-03.1: Serratia Leaf Spot (Forthcoming)

SECTION 2: Infectious Diseases Caused by Fungi

CHAPTER 02-01.1: Introduction / L. D. Thiessen
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CHAPTER 02-02.1: Anthracnose / L. D. Thiessen and N. W. Gauthier
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CHAPTER 02-03.1: Botryosphaeria Stalk Canker (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-04.1: Cercospora Leaf Spot / N. W. Gauthier, P. Price, and V. P. Doyle
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CHAPTER 02-05.1: Exserohilum Leaf Blight (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-06.1: Fusarium Crown and Root Rot / J. M. McPartland, Z. K. Punja, and L. D. Thiessen
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CHAPTER 02-07.1: Fusarium Head Blight and Bud Blight (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-08.1: Fusarium Wilt / K. O’Donnell, J. M. McPartland, and L. D. Thiessen
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CHAPTER 02-09.1: Gray Mold / J. M. McPartland and L. D. Thiessen
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CHAPTER 02-10.1: Hemp Leaf Spot / N. W. Gauthier and D. Szarka
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CHAPTER 02-11.1: Hemp Rust (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-12.1: Lasiodiplodia Branch Dieback (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-13.1: Neofusicoccum Terminal Dieback (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-14.1: Powdery Mildew / L. Tymon, J. M. McPartland, L. D. Thiessen, and N. W. Gauthier
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CHAPTER 02-15.1: Rhizoctonia Sore Shin and Root Rot / J. M. McPartland and M. A. Cubeta
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CHAPTER 02-16.1: Sclerotinia Stem Rot and White Mold (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-17.1: Septoria Leaf Spot (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 02-18.1: Southern Blight / Z. Mersha and Z. Hansen
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SECTION 3: Infectious Diseases Caused by Nematodes

CHAPTER 03-01.1: Cyst Nematodes (Globodera spp. and Heterodera spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-02.1: Lesion Nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-03.1: Reniform Nematode (Rotylenchulus sp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-04.1: Ring Nematode (Mesocriconema sp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-05.1: Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-06.1: Spiral Nematode (Helicotylenchus sp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-07.1: Stem and Bulb Nematodes (Ditylenchus spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 03-08.1: Stubby Root Nematode (Trichodorus sp.) (Forthcoming)

SECTION 4: Infectious Diseases Caused by Oomycetes

CHAPTER 04-01.1: Damping-Off (Pythium spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 04-02.1: Downy Mildew (Peronospora sp. and Pseudoperonospora sp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 04-03.1: Root Rot (Pythium spp.) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 04-04.1: Root Rot and Stem Rot (Phytophthora spp.) (Forthcoming)

SECTION 5: Infectious Diseases Caused by Viruses

CHAPTER 05-01.1: Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-02.1: Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-03.1: Beet curly top virus (BCTV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-04.1: Cannabis cryptic virus (CanCV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-05.1: Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-06.1: Hop latent viroid (HLVd) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-07.1: Hemp mosaic virus (HMV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-08.1: Hemp streak virus (HSV) (Forthcoming)
CHAPTER 05-09.1: Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) (Forthcoming)



Publish Date: 2022
Format: Online (in progress)
ISBN: Print: 978-0-89054-627-7
Online: 978-0-89054-628-4

Edited by N. W. Gauthier and L. D. Thiessen

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Compendium of Cannabis Diseases

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