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Farmer's Guide to Corn Diseases (10 pack)
Farmer's Guide to Corn Diseases (10 pack)

  • Maximize your yield and economic return through fast, accurate corn disease diagnosis
  • Minimize disease identification error
  • Quickly find non-technical overviews of diseases and their management
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    One of the keys to achieving maximum economic returns is minimizing disease pressure, and the cornerstone of effective disease management is accurate diagnosis. This is not easy given the broad spectrum of diseases found in the field—and also given that symptoms can look very similar.

    A Farmer’s Guide to Corn Diseases provides the images, tools, and non-technical guidance to help ag professionals accurately diagnose corn diseases and disorders found in the fields of the United States, Canada, and other countries where corn is grown.

    This no-nonsense, highly accessible book features diagnostic keys and other extensive cross-referencing tools to help users quickly find diseases and minimize identification errors. It features…

    • An easy-to-follow introduction to corn diseases and disorders
    • A non-technical overview on diagnosing corn diseases in a field setting
    • Disease listings organized by part of the corn plant affected
    • Disease distribution maps to help narrow the search for suspect diseases
    • Basic instructions for using diagnostic and scouting tools, like hand lenses
    • A glossary defining the various diseases and diagnostic terms used in the book

    A Farmer’s Guide to Corn Diseases also provides general management recommendations, giving growers and crop specialists an excellent primer for discussions with extension or crop specialists in their specific state or province about localized treatments.

    This book is a truly collaborative effort. Thirty-three experts from more than 20 universities, agencies, and companies packed their vast collective corn disease knowledge into this highly accessible book written with the grower in mind.

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    • Fellow researchers and diagnosticians at your institution

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    A Farmer's Guide to Corn Diseases (10 pack)




    PART ONE: Introduction

    CHAPTER 1: How to Use This Book

    CHAPTER 2: Understanding Corn Diseases and Disorders

    Impact of Diseases on Corn
    Infectious Diseases
    What Is Plant Disease?
       The Plant Disease Triangle
       Major Groups of Plant Pathogens
       The Disease Cycle
       Breaking the Disease Cycle
    Noninfectious Disorders
    The Corn Plant
       Stages of Development
       Effects of Stress at Key Developmental Stages
       Scouting for Diseases of Corn

    PART TWO: Corn Diseases and Disorders

    CHAPTER 3: Diagnostic Key

    Field Conditions
    Weather Conditions
    Disease Timeline and Field Distribution
    Symptoms and Signs
       General Plant Symptoms and Signs
       Symptoms and Signs on Specific Plant Tissues

    CHAPTER 4: Foliar and Aboveground Diseases

          Anthracnose Leaf Blight
          Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight
          Common Rust
          Common Smut
          Corn Stunt
          Crazy Top
          Diplodia Leaf Streak
          Goss’s Wilt
          Gray Leaf Spot
          Head Smut
          Holcus Leaf Spot
          Maize Bushy Stunt
          Maize Chlorotic Dwarf
          Maize Chlorotic Mottle
          Maize Dwarf Mosaic
          Northern Corn Leaf Blight
          Northern Corn Leaf Spot
          Physoderma Brown Spot and Stalk Rot
          Sorghum Downy Mildew
          Southern Corn Leaf Blight
          Southern Rust
          Stewart’s Disease
          Other Viruses

    CHAPTER 5: Crown and Root Diseases

          Fusarium Crown and Root Rot
          Pythium Seedling Blight and Root Rot
          Red Root Rot
          Rhizoctonia Crown and Brace Root Rot
          Root-Lesion Nematode
          Sting and Needle Nematodes
          Other Nematodes

    CHAPTER 6: Stalk Rots

          Anthracnose Stalk Rot
          Bacterial Stalk and Top Rot
          Charcoal Rot
          Diplodia Stalk Rot
          Fusarium Stalk Rot
          Gibberella Crown Rot and Stalk Rot
          Pythium Stalk Rot

    CHAPTER 7: Ear Rots

          Aspergillus Ear Rot and Aflatoxin
          Cladosporium Ear Rot
          Diplodia Ear Rot
          Fusarium Ear Rot and Fumonisin
          Gibberella Ear Rot and Mycotoxins
          Nigrospora Ear Rot
          Penicillium Ear Rot
          Trichoderma Ear Rot

    CHAPTER 8: Noninfectious Disorders

          Nutrient and Fertilizer Disorders
          Chemical Injury
          Environmental Conditions and Genetic Disorders
          Insect Injury

    CHAPTER 9: Diseases of Worldwide Importance That Do Not Occur in the United States and Canada

          Maize Streak
          Late Wilt
          Asian Downy Mildews

    CHAPTER 10: A Closer Look

    Using a Hand Lens
    Microscopic Images
    Creating a Moist Chamber


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    " invaluable and core addition to professional and academic library Agricultural Reference collections in general, and Corn instructional supplemental studies reading lists in particular."
    —Library Bookwatch

    Publish Date: 2016
    Format: 8.5” × 11” softcover
    ISBN: 978-0-89054-454-9
    Pages: 161
    Publication Weight: 19 lbs

    Edited by Kiersten Wise, Daren Mueller, Adam Sisson, Damon Smith, Carl Bradley, and Alison Robertson

    A Farmer's Guide to Corn Diseases (10 pack)

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