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Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi, Third Edition
Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi, Third Edition

"…an excellent monograph…without any doubt this book will be welcomed by plant pathologists and mycologists all over the world and should be present in all botanical and agricultural libraries."
—Journal of Plant Protection Research

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Keys to families and genera and excellent illustrations make this spiral-bound manual an easy-to-use resource. Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi, Third Edition helps readers identify rust fungi and introduces the spore states, life cycles, and morphological diversity of the Uredinales. Thoroughly revised and updated – and more than 100 pages longer than the previous edition – this third edition provides many exciting new features including eight full-page color plates containing more than 60 photographs that illustrate various signs and symptoms of rust fungi. The third edition also presents 134 valuable black and white drawings and illustrations. Other useful additions for the reader include an extensive list of general references on rust fungi, a list of descriptive manuals and regional flora, a list of authors’ names, recommended abbreviations, and a glossary of mycological terms.

The extensive introductory chapters provide standard concepts of morphology, life cycles, and taxonomy of rust fungi as well as straightforward tools for identifying samples to each genus. Students and researchers will appreciate the general information covered here:

  • economic importance
  • symptoms
  • collection and identification
  • host-rust relationships
  • phylogeny and relationship to other groups of fungi
  • morphology of spore states and vegetative structures
  • life cycles
  • cytology
  • descriptions
  • a key to 13 families

The main body of the book consists of descriptions, illustrations, and keys to 120 holomorph genera and 13 anamorph genera of rust fungi worldwide. Each genus description includes information on the pertinent microscopic features, species type, number of included species, hosts, distribution, relevant literature, and drawings or micrographs of diagnostic features.

This comprehensive and highly anticipated revision of the sold-out previous edition will be an essential resource for mycologists, plant pathologists, forest pathologists, plant taxonomists, plant quarantine officers, biology teachers, students and anyone interested in diagnosing and learning about rust fungi.

Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi, Third Edition



What are the rust fungi?
Relationship of rust fungi to other groups of fungi
Phylogeny of the rust fungi
Economic importance of the rust fungi
Symptoms caused by rust fungi
Host–rust relationship
Collection, identification, and preservation of rust fungi
Literature cited

Morphology, Life Cycles, and Cytology of Rust Fungi

Definitions and morphology of spore states


Spore morphology

Surface sculpture of spores
Germ pores

Hyphae and haustoria
Life cycle variations
Abnormal life cycles
The concept of correlated species and Tranzschel’s Law
Cytology and nuclear cycles
Literature cited

Classification of Rust Fungi

Families of rust fungi

Key to families
Descriptions of families

Literature cited

Anamorph Genera of Rust Fungi

Key to anamorph genera
Descriptions of anamorph genera
Literature cited

Holomorph Genera of Rust Fungi

Keys to holomorph genera, by family
Descriptions and Illustrations of Holomorph Genera

Appendix 1. Reference Materials

General references on rust fungi
Descriptive manuals and regional flora

Appendix 2. Authors of Names of Rust Fungi and Suggested Abbreviations

List of Genera

“…will certainly maintain the position of the ‘illustrated genera of rust fungi’ as a most valuable, high standard tool for mycologists and plant pathologists. It should be available in each library concerned with these fields.”
—Journal of Phytopathology

“…each genus is illustrated with excellent line drawings...anyone who receives plant-associated fungi for identification, this reference is essential!”

"Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi is highly recommended for college and university libraries."

"...the presentation is refreshing and forward-looking. The authors are to be congratulated on having taken the time to make so much of their almost unparalleled expertise on rust fungi accessible to mycologists at large."
—Mycological Research

"The previous editions are often mentioned in reference lists which also no doubt this new one will also be. This publication will be most valuable for beginners as well as for experienced mycologists studying this interesting order of fungi."
—Mycologia Balcanica

"…an excellent monograph…without any doubt this book will be welcomed by plant pathologists and mycologists all over the world and should be present in all botanical and agricultural libraries."
—Journal of Plant Protection Research

Publish Date: 2003
Format: 8.5" x 11" spiral bound
ISBN: 978-0-89054-304-7
Pages: 240
Images: 53 color images; 134 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By George B. Cummins and Yasuyuki Hiratsuka

List Price:89.00

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