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Shade Tree Wilt Diseases
Shade Tree Wilt Diseases

A compilation of research and applied information from recognized plant pathology and forestry experts on wilt diseases.

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Learn to diagnose and manage wilt diseases with Shade Tree Wilt Diseases. Extensive coverage of oak wilt and Dutch elm disease is provided, as well as information on other important diseases associated with the vascular tissue of woody plants including Verticillium wilt, bacterial leaf scorch, pine wilt, watermark disease, and yellows disease.

Based on the recent Shade Tree Wilt Diseases conference held in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, this book is a compilation of research and applied information from recognized plant pathology and forestry experts. To make identification easier, common symptoms are supported in 36 color photographs. Hard-to-find information on less common wilt diseases is also available. A chapter examining anatomy and physiology provides a helpful introduction or review on understanding wilt diseases.

In addition to up-to-date, in depth research on wilt diseases affecting shade trees and other woody plants, this book is further enhanced with:

  • examples of disease control and education programs
  • insights from a lawyer/tree enthusiast on motivating citizens in support of disease management programs
  • a chapter on root collar excavations that photographically details below ground root examination

Plant pathologists, forestry professionals, arborists, extension professionals, master gardeners, turf and grounds landscapers, golf course superintendents, educators, and students will find the valuable information provided in Shade Tree Wilt Diseases useful in maintaining healthy shade trees and woody plants.

Shade Tree Wilt Diseases

Anatomy and Physiology of Vascular Tissues of Woody Plants

F. H. Tainter

Vascular Wilt Diseases of Trees—An Anglo-American Perspective

J. N. Gibbs

Elms: Past, Present, and Future

R. P. Guries

How to Identify and Manage Dutch Elm Disease

L. Haugen

The Management of Dutch Elm Disease with Emphasis on Fungicides

R. J. Stripes and B. R. Fraedrich

The Minneapolis Forestry Program: An Example of Community Wide Forestry

R. Sievert and J. Hermann

The Basics of Oak Wilt Biology and Factors Influencing Disease Incidence and Severity

D. N. Appel

Overland Transmission of Ceratocystis fagacearum: Extending Our Understanding

J. Juzwik

Current Practices and Suppression Methods for Managing Oak Wilt Disease

S. J. Cook

The Use of Alamo for Oak Wilt Management

D. N. Appel

Managing Oak Wilt: More Than Just a Plow Line. Public Information, Partners, and Surveys

J. Cummings Carlson

Current Practices in Managing Oak Wilt: Federal Cost Share Programs, Trenching, Chemical Injection, and the Texas Suppression Program

R. F. Billings, E. H. Gehring, R. S. Cameron, and J. T. Gunter

European Oaks—Susceptible to Oak Wilt?

W. L. MacDonald, J. Pinon, F. H. Tainter, and M. L. Double

How to Collect Field Samples and Identify the Oak Wilt Fungus in the Laboratory

J. Pokorny

Verticillium Wilt of Trees: A Brief History and Current Research

C. L. Ash

Verticillium Wilt of Trees and Shrubs; Fusarium Wilt of Trees

C. L. Ash

Lesser Known Wilt Diseases

F. H. Tainter

Xylella fastidiosa, A Bacterial Pathogen of Landscape Trees

J. L. Sherald

Transmission of the Xylem-Limited Bacterium Xylella fastidiosa to Shade Trees by Insect Vectors

J. Bentz and J. Sherald

Determining the Role of Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Canker Stain, and Botryosphaeria Canker in the Dieback of Plantation Sycamores in the Southeastern United States

T. D. Leininger, K. O. Britton, and C. J. Change

Watermark Disease of Willows (Salix spp.) on Hokkaido, Northern Japan: Occurrence and Water Conductivity of Affected Trees

Y. Sakamoto, Y. Takikawa, Y. Sano, and K. Sasaki

Phytoplasma-Incited Diseases of Trees: Ash Yellows and Elm Yellows

M. L. Gleason

Biology and Ecology of Pine Wilt Disease

D. R. Bergdahl and S. Halik

Root Collar Examinations as a Diagnostic Tool

G. R. Johnson and J. R. Hargrave

Communicating Your Concerns to Citizens: A Quick Guide to the Use of Effective Tools for Spreading the Word on Tree Diseases

D. C. Willeke

Color Plates
Publish Date: 2001
Format: 6” x 9” softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-277-4
Pages: 275
Images: 36 color images; 60 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Cynthia L. Ash

List Price:104.00

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