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Revision of the Genus Hypoxylon
Revision of the Genus Hypoxylon

Featuring keys to 127 taxa and accounts for nearly 1000 names of fungi that have been considered as Hypoxylon taxa.

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J. H. Miller monographed Hypoxylon in 1961. Over the years discovery of additional taxa and use of characters has made a revisionary treatment necessary. In this volume, the authors present an taxonomy for this important genus.

This reference is a much-needed tool for mycologists, fungal taxonomists,and plant pathologists. It features keys to 127 taxa and accounts for nearly 1000 names of fungi that have been considered as Hypoxylon taxa in some sense, descriptions in English (and Latin where required),and notes. Many taxa are described here for the first time and numerous names have been changed. The authors discuss a number of techniques, diagnostic criteria, and biological phenomena relevant to Hypoxylon.

A Revision of the Genus Hypoxylon

List of Tables
List of Figures
Preface and Acknowledgments


Materials and Methods

Genus Hypoxylon





Subgeneric Taxa of Hypoxylon

Comparison Between Subgeneric Taxa Recognized in the Present Study and Those Recognized in Miller (1961)



Development and Cytology

Stromatal Pigments Key to Genera of Xylariaceae

Procedures For Identifying Taxa of Hypoxylon

Keys to Sections and Taxa of Genus Hypoxylon

Key to Sections of Genus Hypoxylon
Key to Taxa of Section Hypoxylon
Key to Taxa of Section Annulata

List of Diagnostic Characteristics of Certain Taxa in Section Hypoxylon

Geographical Distribution of Certain Taxa

Taxa Known or Appearing to Have A Restricted Host Range

Summary of Taxon Pairs and Clusters

Taxa of Section Hypoxylon

Hypoxylon aeruginosum
Hypoxylon anthochruom
Hypoxylon aucklandiae
Hypoxylon begae
Hypoxylon brevirimum
Hypoxylon brevisporum
Hypoxylon californicum
Hypoxylon carneum
Hypoxylon cercidicolum
Hypoxylon chathamense
Hypoxylon chionostomum
Hypoxylon cinnabarinum
Hypoxylon commutatum
Hypoxylon croceum
Hypoxylon crocopeplum
Hypoxylon curvirimum
Hypoxylon dearnressii
Hypoxylon diatrypeoides
Hypoxylon dieckmannii
Hypoxylon dingleyae
Hypoxylon duranii
Hypoxylon erythrostroma
Hypoxylon fendleri
Hypoxylon ferrugineum
Hypoxylon flavoargillaceum
Hypoxylon fuscum
Hypoxylon fusoideosporum
Hypoxylon gilbertsonii
Hypoxylon haematostroma
Hypoxylon howeianum
Hypoxylon hughesii
Hypoxylon hypomilton
Hypoxylon hypomiltum
Hypoxylon intermedium
Hypoxylon investiens
hypoxylon jecorinum
Hypoxylon julianii
Hypoxylon karii
Hypoxylon kretzschmarioides
Hypoxylon la-schii
Hypoxylon Taurus
Hypoxylon lenonnandii
Hypoxylon lienhwacheense
Hypoxylon lividicolory
Hypoxylon lividipigmentum
Hypoxylon macrocarpum
Hypoxylon macrosporum
Hypoxylon megalosporum
Hypoxylon moelterianum
Hypoxylon monticulosum
Hypoxylon munkii
Hypoxylon musceum
Hypoxylon nkaraguense
Hypoxylon notatum
Hypoxylon nothofagicola
Hypoxylon novemexicanum
Hypoxylon ochraceum
Hypoxylon olivicolor
Hypoxylon papillatum
Hypoxylon parksianum
Hypoxylon pelliculosum
Hypoxylon perforatum
Hypoxylon piceum
Hypoxylon pilgerianum
Hypoxylon placentiforme
Hypoxylon polyporum
Hypoxylon ravidoroseum
Hypoxylon rectangulosporum
Hypoxylon retpela
Hypoxylon rickii
Hypoxylon rubellum
Hypoxylon rubigineoareolatum
Hypoxylon rubiginosum
Hypoxylon rubiginosum
Hypoxylon rutilum
Hypoxylon samuelsii
Hypoxylon nitens
Hypoxylon nothofagi
Hypoxylon pouceanum
Hypoxylon pseudostipitatum
Hypoxylon pufpureonitens
Hypoxylon pyrfforine
Hypoxylon stygium
Hypoxylon stygium
Hypoxylon thouarsianum
Hypoxylon thouarsianum
Hypoxylon truncatum
Hypoxylon urceolatum

An Annotated List of the Names of Hypoxylon
Publish Date: 1996
Format: 6" × 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-214-9
Pages: 365
Images: 33 images; 11 line drawings
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Yu-Ming Ju and Jack D. Rogers

List Price:79.00
A Revision of the Genus Hypoxylon

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