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Mycosphaerella spp. and Their Anamorphs...
Mycosphaerella spp. and Their Anamorphs...

A field and laboratory resource for identifying Mycosphaerella spp. based on disease symptomatology and fungal morphology.

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As a laboratory and field resource, Mycosphaerella spp. and Their Anamorphs Associated with Leaf Spot Diseases of Eucalyptus can be used to identify Mycosphaerella spp. based on disease symptomatology and fungal morphology. This monograph covers 57 species of Mycosphaerella. A discussion of disease assessment, provenance selection and general epidemiology is combined with an evaluation of the value of taxonomic features such as symptomatology, teleomorph and anamorph characters. Features of the book include symptom photographs and illustrations of Mycosphaerella spp. and their anamorphs that help with disease identification, and standardized methods that aid in studying species of Mycosphaerella spp. This comprehensive monograph will be an asset to mycologists, plant pathologists, forest pathologists, foresters, and extension agents in the field or laboratory.

Mycosphaerella spp. and Their Anamorphs Associated with Leaf Spot Diseases of Eucalyptus




Material and Methods

Mycosphaerella Leaf Blotch Disease

Disease assessment
Species and provenance selection
Ascospore production
Spore Release
Pathogenicity and epidemiology

Taxonomic Characters and Relationships

Teleomorph and cultural characters
Anamorph genera
Ascospore germination
Generic concepts

Key to Mycosphaerella Species

Key to Anamorphs

Description of Species

Cercospora eucalyptorum
Coniothyrium eucalypticola
Coniothyrium kallangurense
Coniothyrium ovatum
Lecanostictopsis eucalypi
Mycosphaerella Africana
M. colombiensis (Pseudocercospora colombiensis)
spp. nov.
M. cryptica (Colletogloeopsis nubilosum)
M. crystallina (Pseudocercospora crystallina)
M. delegatensis (Phaeophleospora delegatensis)
M. ellipsoidea (Uwebraunia ellip soidea)
M. endophytica (Pseudocercosporella endophytica)
M. flexuosa
sp. nov.
M. gracilis (Pseudocercospora gra cilis)
M. gregaria
M. heimii (Pseudocercospora heimii)
M. heimioides (Pseudocercospora heimioides)
M. irregulariramosa (Pseudocercospora irregulariramosa)
M. juvenis (Uwebraunia juvenis)
M. keniensis
sp. nov.
M. lateralis (Uwebraunia lateralis)
M. longibasalis
sp. nov.
M. marksii
M. mexicana
M. molleriana (Colletogloeopsis molle riana)
M. nubilosa
M. parkii (Stenella parkii)
M. parva
M. suberosa
M. suttoniae (Phaeophleospora epicoc coides)
M. swartii (Sonderhenia eucalyptorum)
M. tasmaniensis (Mycovellosiella tas maniensis)
M. walkeri (Sonderhenia eucalpyto- rum)
Mycovellosiella eucalypti
sp.nov. Passalora morrisii sp. nov.
Phaeophleospora destructans
Phaeophleospora eucalypti
Phaeophleospora lilianiae
Phaeoramularia eucalytorum
sp. nov.
Pseudocercospora basiramifera
sp. nov.
P. basitruncata sp. nov.
P. cubae
sp. nov.
P. deglupta sp. nov.
P. denticulata sp. nov.
P. epispermogoniana
P. eucalyptarum
P. irregularis
sp. nov.
P. natalensis sp. nov.
P. paraguayensis
P. robusta
sp. nov.
Stigmina eucalypti
S. eucalypticola
S. eucalyptorum
sp. nov.
S. hansfordii
S. robbenensis

Species Excluded from Mycosphaerella

M. didymelloides
M. eucalypti

Species Not Treated

Mycosphaerella martinae
Mycosphaerella molleriana
Thüm var. megalospora
Ramularia pitereka

Literature Cited
General Index
Index to Host Species
Publish Date: 1998
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-190-6
Pages: 170
Images: 140 black and white images
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

By Pedro W. Crous

List Price:69.00
Mycosphaerella spp. And Their Anamorphs Associated with Leaf Spot Diseases of Eucalyptus

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