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Fusarium Wilt of Banana
Fusarium Wilt of Banana

Twenty contributors present reports and research on the disease, Fusarium Wilt of Banana.

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From the Preface:

The first International Conference on Fusarial Wilt of Banana was held in Miami, Florida from August 27-30, 1989. Fusarium Wilt of Banana was derived from presentations made at this meeting. The book is the first since Stover's monograph, Fusarial Wilt (Panama Disease) of Bananas and Other Musa Species, to review the status of the disease and past and current research.

Much has happened since the publication of Stover’s book in 1962. The highly susceptible Gros Michel, used by the export trades until about 1960, had been replaced by clones of the Cavendish subgroup. Although Cavendish cultivars are resistance to Race 1 and Race 2, a new race of the pathogen, Race 4, damages these cultivars in subtropical banana-growing regions in the eastern hemisphere. The continued use of the Cavendish cultivars is now threatened in these regions and producers in the tropics, mindful of the disastrous epidemics which occurred on Gros Michel, are concerned that Race 4, or something like it, might develop in their areas. Fusarium wilt also affects locally important cultivars in regions in which bananas are an important source for food. Fusarium Wilt of Banana documents the current status of these disease in these regions.  

Fusarium Wilt of Banana


History and Status of Fusarium Wilt of Banana

Fusarium Wilt of Banana: Some History and Current Status of the Disease

R. Harry Stover

Importance of Fusarium Wilt in Different Banana-Growing Regions

Randy C. Ploetz, John Herbert, Kabonyi Sebasigari, Julio H. Hernandez, Kenneth G. Pegg, José A. Ventura, and Luisa S. Mayato

The Pathogen

Taxonomy of Fungi in the Genus Fusarium with Emphasis on Fusarium oxysporum

Paul E. Nelson

Genetic Exchange Within Sexual and Asexual Populations of the Genus Fusarium

John F. Leslie

Molecular Genetics of Plant Pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum

H. Corby Kistler and Esengul A. Momol

Using Karyotype Variability to Investigate the Origins and Relatedness of isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense

Vivian P. W. Miao

Population Biology of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense

Randy C. Ploetz

Biological Control of Diseases Caused by Fusarium oxysporum

James J. Marois

The Host

Influence of Mineral Nutrition on Fusarium Wilt: A Proposed Mechanism Involving Cell Water Relations

Raymond W. Schneider

Host Responses to the Pathogen

Carl H. Beckman

Banana Breeding and Fusarium Wilt

Ivan W. Buddenhagen

Breeding Bananas and Plantains for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt: The Track Record

Phillip R. Rowe

Somaclonal Resistance in Cavendish Banana to Fusarium Wilt

Shin-Chuan Hwang

Baseline Tissue and Cell Culture Studies for Use in Banana Improvement Schemes

Abraham D. Krikorian

Roundtable Sessions
Publish Date: 1990
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-112-8
Pages: 140
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Edited by R.C. Ploetz

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