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Compendium of Ornamental Foliage Plant Diseases
Compendium of Ornamental Foliage Plant Diseases

Covers diseases of palms, ferns, ivies, cacti, and dozens of other ornamentals.

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From the Preface:

This volume is the first in the American Phytopathological Society’s series of disease compendia to cover disease of a wide variety of crops. Its primary purpose is to present, in a single publication, complete information on diseases of ornamental foliage plants. The book is organized to allow cross-referencing between pathogens and hosts, since use by scientists and producers with a wide range of interests and expertise may be expected. Descriptions of infectious diseases are given in Part 1, arranged according to pathogens or causal agents – fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and viruses. Part II covers noninfectious diseases, caused by abiotic factors – nutritional imbalances, environmental stresses, and phytotoxicity. A glossary and an index are included. The selected references following each section were chosen to provide the most accessible sources of additional information on each disease or disorder, rather than complete bibliographies. Many of the diseases covered here have not been adequately described in other publications, and thus no other source of information may be available at this time.

Compendium of Ornamental Foliage Plant Diseases


Ornamental Foliage Plant Genera
Ornamental Foliage Plant Diseases

Production Practices and Diseases
Disease Introduction and Movement
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Plant Pathogens and Their Control
Disease Development

How To Use This Compendium

Part I: Infectious Diseases

Fungal Diseases

Acremonium Leaf Spot and Stem Rot of Syngonium and Dieffenbachia
Alternaria Leaf Spots of Calathea, Brassaia, and Their Relatives
Aspergillus Stem and Rhizome Rot of Sansevieria and Dracaena
Botrytis Blight (Gray Mold)
Calonectria Collar Rot and Leaf Spot of Leea
Ceratocystis Blight (Black Cane Rot) of Syngonium
Cercospora Leaf Spots
Colletotrichum Leaf Spot (Anthracnose)
Coniothyrium Leaf Spot (Brown Leaf Spot) of Yucca
Corynespora Leaf Spot
Curvularia Leaf Spot (Tan Leaf Spot) of Rhoeo
Cylindrocladium Root and Petiole Rot of Spathiphylllum
Cytosporina leaf Spot (Gray leaf Spot) of Yucca
Dactylaria Leaf Spot of Philodendron
Fusarium Basal Stem Rot of Cacti
Fussarium Leaf Spot of Dracaena and Sansevieria
Fusarium Stem Rot of Dieffenbachia
Fusarium Wilt of Fatshedera
Gliocladium Blight of Palms

Diseases Caused by Helminthosporium-like Organisms

Leaf Spots of Palms
Exserohilum Leaf Spot of Aechmea
Drechslera Leaf Spot of Maranta and Calathea
Drechslera Stem Rot of Cacti and Succulents
Kutilakesa Stem Gall and Canker of Codiaeum and Aphelandra
Leptosphaeria Leaf Spot (Brown Leaf Spot) of Dieffenbachia
Myrothecium Leaf Spot
Powdery Mildew of Saintpaulia and Cissus
Pestalotiopsis Dieback of Cissus
Phomopsis of Dieback of Ficus
Phyllosticta Leaf Spots of Dracaena and Peperomia

Diseases Caused by Phytophthora

Diseases Caused by Phytophthora palmivora
Diseases Caused by Phytophthora parasitica
Plectosphaerella Leaf Spot of Dieffenbachia

Diseases Caused by Pythium

Diseases Caused by Pythium aphanidermatum
Diseases Caused by Pythium irregulare
Diseases Caused by Pythium myriotylum
Diseases Caused by Pythium ultimum
Pythium splendens Root Rot, Rhizoctonia Root Rot, Aerial Blight, and Leaf Spot
Rhizopus Blight
Rust Diseases
Sclerotinia Blight
Southern Blight
Stemphylium Leaf Spot of Succulents
Verticillium Wilt of Ficus and Peperomia

Bacterial Diseases

Crown Gall of Ficus and Codiaeum
Erwinia Leaf Spot, Blight, and Stem Rot

Diseases Caused by Pseudomonas

Pseudomonas Leaf Spot and Blight of Asplenium
Pseudomonas Blight of Caryota
Pseudomonas Leaf Spot and Blight Caused by Pseudomonas cichorii
Pseudomonas Leaf Spot of Dracaena
Orange Soft Rot of Cacti

Diseases Caused by Xanthomonas

Xanthomonas Leaf Spot and Blight of Begonia
Xanthomonas Leaf Spot of Dieffenbachia and Blight of Anthurium (Araceae)
Xanthomonas Leaf Spot of Hedera (Araliaceae)
Xanthomonas Leaf Spot of Codiaeum (Euphorbiaceae)
Xanthomonas Leaf Spot of Pilea and Pellionia (Urticaceae)
Xanthomonas Blight of Syngonium

Viral Diseases

Bidens Mottle Virus of Fittonia
Cactus Virus X of Schlumbergera
Commelina Mosaic Virus
Dasheen Mosaic Virus of Aroids
Fig Mosaic Disease
Maranta Ringspot (Cucumber Mosaic Virus)
Peperomia Ringspot Disease
Schefflera Ringspot Disease
Tobacco Mosaic Virus of Rhoeo
Tradescanita-Zebrina Virus

Nematode Diseases

Burrowing Nematode
Cactus Cyst Nematode
Foliar Nematodes
Lesion Nematodes
Root-Knot Nematodes

Part II: Noninfectious Diseases

Air Pollution

Nutrient Deficiencies
Nutrient Toxicities

Pesticide Phytotoxicity

Disorders of Unknown Cause

Aphelandra Lef Crinkle
Flecking of Dracaena marginata
Leaf Burn of Massangeana Cane
Bent Tip of Aglaonema

Publish Date: 1987
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-077-0
Pages: 114
Images: 133 color images; 65 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By A. R. Chase

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