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Turf Fungicides, 2nd,+Turf Cmpd, 4th +Turf Insect Pests, 2nd
Turf Fungicides, 2nd,+Turf Cmpd, 4th +Turf Insect Pests, 2nd

3-Book Kit

  • A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition
  • Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition
  • Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition
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    Make Informed Decisions


    A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition

    By Richard Latin

    A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition, is a current, comprehensive, and hands-on resource focused specifically on the fungicides used for disease control on turfgrass. Author Richard Latin developed this user-friendly guide based on his belief that if turf managers understand how and why fungicides work (and sometimes fail), they will use these products more effectively and efficiently and communicate disease control issues with greater confidence. Latin describes the book as “an off-season resource” that can be used to reflect on past seasons and plan for the season ahead.

    Since publication of the first edition of A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides in 2011, much has been learned about how fungicides work and how best to use them. Turf pathologists have explored interactions between fungicides and a variety of management, environmental, and genetic factors to optimize the use of these chemical tools. Investigative researchers have studied where fungicides reside in the turf profile and how long they will be effective, and basic research on fungicide resistance has helped explain how fungicide-resistant strains arise and how long they can remain predominant. In addition, new products have changed the day-to-day practice of turf disease management, including new succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) and demethylase inhibitor (DMI) fungicides and compounds that stimulate plants to manufacture their own antifungal defenses.

    These findings and innovations have informed the second edition of A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides. Providing expanded coverage, this new book is 30% longer than the previous edition and includes 80 more illustrations, profiles of 11 new compounds, and up-to-date discussions of 27 turf diseases. Written for professionals in both industry and academia, this comprehensive revision addresses all the factors that contribute to the effective and efficient use of fungicides on turf. Turf managers, in particular, can rely on this book to make informed decisions and to effectively discuss control issues with administrators and the golfing public.

    ©2021; 8” x 10” hardcover; 353 pages

    Manage Diseases

    Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition

    Edited by Lane P. Tredway, Maria Tomaso-Peterson, James P. Kerns, and Bruce B. Clarke

    Since publication of the first edition in 1983, nearly 50,000 copies of Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases have been distributed to six continents and translated into three languages. The compendium has consistently held best-selling status across its three editions.

    Many advances in turfgrass pathology have occurred since publication of the third edition in 2005, calling for a revised edition. Approximately half of the fourth edition text is new or revised, and more than 200 new, high-quality figures have been added—including disease symptom images, photomicrographs, pathogen drawings, and disease cycle diagrams.

    Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition, is a thorough resource on turfgrass diseases, their pathogenic causes, and their effective management. The editors’ combined experience, which exceeds 100 years, paired with contributions from 23 U.S. scientists and specialists ensures the utmost accuracy.

    While previous editions focused on diseases of cool-season grasses grown in northern, temperate climates, this fourth edition also emphasizes warm-season turfgrass diseases, which will benefit scientists and practitioners in all climates. The new edition covers approximately 75 diseases and abiotic disorders, with detailed descriptions of characteristic symptoms and causal agents. The cycle and the epidemiology of each disease are described, with emphasis on the conditions that stimulate disease development—helping to prevent disease altogether.

    The compendium is organized into four parts: infectious diseases, noninfectious agents, disease management, and disease diagnosis. Topics include turfgrass characteristics, the damage caused by noninfectious agents in the turfgrass ecosystem, the ecology and taxonomy of fungi pathogenic to turfgrasses, research-based integrated management approaches (emphasizing the use of resistant cultivars or species, cultural management practices, and proper timing of fungicide application when necessary), and basic diagnostic procedures.

    The book also includes an introduction, appendix, glossary, and index. Plus, references sections throughout the book include key sources for further reading on each topic, providing a gateway to the primary literature on turfgrass diseases.

    Compendium of Turfgrasses, Fourth Edition, offers a practical and technical reference, blending descriptive terminology with the technical language of plant pathology to accommodate all knowledge levels within the diverse audience of practitioners, academics, and industry workers involved in fine turf. This is a must-have reference for golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, grounds managers, sports field managers, sod growers, agronomists, turfgrass consultants, educators, turfgrass scientists, plant pathologists, Extension professionals, plant disease diagnosticians, undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, R&D scientist sales representatives, technical representatives, technical managers, brand managers, and turf fertilizer and turf products marketing managers.

    If this is you, Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition, belongs on your turf!

    Thank you to the sponsors of this new edition, whose support allows this book to be more affordable to a wide audience.

    ©2023; 8.5” x 11” softcover; 188 pages

    Control Insects


    Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition

    Edited by Rick L. Brandenburg and Callie P. Freeman

    The highly anticipated second edition of this best-selling Handbook of Turfgrass Insects contains the most current, thorough, and practical information covering all aspects of turfgrass insect management in a streamlined format. All major insect pests and mites of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses in the United States are addressed. Extensive use of color photos of various insects and the turf damage they cause along with illustrations of insect life stages in their actual size, life cycle charts, and distribution maps aid in accurate identification and diagnostics.

    From diagnostics to important chapters on the principles of sampling and monitoring, integrated turfgrass pest management, use of insecticides, insecticide resistance management, classes of pesticides, environmental issues, microbial and biological control, and beneficial and innocuous invertebrates in turf, this book delivers a single source go-to guide for preventing and solving turfgrass insect problems.

    Editors Rick Brandenburg and Callie Freeman have identified experts to cover the insects in concise, yet complete, individual sections that provide essential information on the key turfgrass pests that can damage golf courses and the turfgrasses found in commercial, residential, and sports settings. The benefit of having many authors involved in the creation of this book is that each section is written by the leading expert on that pest. No other turfgrass insect resource incorporates the cumulative knowledge or the breadth of experience of the experts found here. The scientists who study these pests have brought Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition, up to date with 16 years of new knowledge, including coverage of additional insects and effective new management strategies to make it even more useful than the popular first edition.

    The first edition is used by many of the top turfgrass training programs, and this edition is designed to be utilized by a broad range of users, including commercial lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, grounds maintenance personnel, sod producers, consultants, students, extension agents, pesticide applicators, master gardeners, teachers, students, entomologists, plant scientists, and anyone involved in the cultivation and care of fine turf. Libraries with collections in agronomics, entomology, horticulture, and the plant sciences will want to include Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition, in their collections. A helpful glossary, index, and sources of local information are also included.

    ©2012; 8.5" x 11" softcover; 144 pages

    A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition, Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition, and Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition - 3-Book Kit

    A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition

    Chapter 1:
    Turf Fungicide Fundamentals

    Chapter 2:
    Modes of Action of Fungicides

    Chapter 3:
    Fungicide Resistance

    Chapter 4:
    Factors That Influence Fungicide Performance

    Chapter 5:
    Fungicide Alternatives: Biofungicides, Phosphonates, and Induced Resistance

    Chapter 6:
    Scheduling Fungicides for Turf Disease Control

    Chapter 7:
    Fungicide Regulation

    Chapter 8:
    Interpreting Fungicide Performance Research

    Chapter 9:
    Turf Diseases Characteristics and Control

    Chapter 10:
    Turf Fungicide Profiles


    Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition


    Grasses Managed as Turfs
    Diseases and Their Causal Agents
    Ecological Groupings of Pathogens and Parasites
    Pathogens and Their Environment

    Part I. Infectious Diseases

    Diseases of Foliage and Crowns
    Anthracnose Diseases of Cool-Season Turfgrasses
    Anthracnose Diseases of Warm-Season Turfgrasses
    Ascochyta Leaf Blight
    Bacterial Diseases of Turfgrasses
    Bipolaris and Exserohilum Diseases
    Copper Spot (Zonate Leaf Spot)
    Cream Leaf Blight
    Curvularia Diseases
    Damping-Off (Seedling Diseases)
    Dollar Spot
    Gray Leaf Spot
    Leaf Smuts
    Pink Patch
    Powdery Mildew
    Pyrenophora (Drechslera) Diseases
    Pythium Blight
    Rapid Blight
    Red Thread
    Southern Blight
    Yellow Tuft (Downy Mildew)
    Rhizoctonia and Waitea Diseases
    Brown Patch
    Brown Ring Patch
    Large Patch
    Leaf and Sheath Spot
    Yellow Patch
    Snow Mold and Other Low-Temperature Diseases
    Coprinus Snow Mold
    Gray Snow Mold
    Microdochium Patch
    Pythium Snow Blight
    Snow Scald
    Speckled Snow Mold
    Diseases of Roots, Rhizomes, and Stolons
    Dead Spot
    Necrotic Ring Spot
    Pythium Root Rot
    Pythium Root Dysfunction
    Spring Dead Spot
    Summer Patch
    Take-All Patch
    Take-All Root Rot and Bermudagrass Decline
    Other, Less Commonly Observed Diseases
    Cephalosporium Stripe
    Cercosporoid and Cercosporoid-like Fungal Diseases
    Cladosporium Eyespot
    Fusarium Diseases
    Leptosphaerulina Leaf Blight
    Mastigosporium Leaf Spot
    Microdochium Diseases
    Mollicute Diseases
    Nigrospora Blight
    Physoderma Leaf Spot and Leaf Streak
    Primitive Root-Infecting Fungus-like Organisms
    Pseudoseptoria Leaf Spot
    Ramularia Leaf Spot
    Septoria and Stagonospora Leaf Spots
    Spermospora Leaf Spot
    Tar Spot
    Viral Diseases
    White Blight
    Yellow Ring

    Part II. Noninfectious Agents

    Biotic Agents of Noninfectious Diseases

    Black Layer
    Fairy Ring
    Superficial Fairy Ring
    Slime Molds
    Insect Pests
    Thatch Collapse
    Abiotic Agents of Noninfectious Diseases

    Chemical Agents
    Physical Agents
    Mechanical Agents
    Physiological Disorders of Turfgrasses

    Summer Bentgrass Decline
    Summer Decline of Bermudagrass Greens
    Centipedegrass Decline

    Part III. Disease Management

    Sanitation, Exclusion, and Avoidance
    Disease-Resistant Species and Cultivars
    Endophytic Fungi
    Management of Turfgrass Climate and Culture
    Disease Management with Synthetic Chemistries
    Nontarget Effects of Pesticides
    Biological Control

    Part IV. Disease Diagnosis

    The Art and Science of Disease Diagnosis: A Stepwise Approach
    Distinguishing Abiotic and Biotic Issues in Turfgrasses




    Handbook of Turfgrass Insect Pests

    Contributing Authors
    How To Use This Book

    An Introduction to Turfgrasses

    Turfgrass Insect and Mite Pests

    Status of Turfgrass Insect and Mite Pests in the United States
    Turfgrass Insect and Mite Pests by Injury Type
    Turfgrass Insect and Mite Pests by Scientific Classification
    Key to Turfgrass Injury
    Key to Invertebrate Turfgrass Pests

    Pest Information

    Annual Bluegrass Weevil
    Asiatic Garden Beetle
    Bermuda grass and Related Eriophyid Mites
    Black Turfgrass Ataenius
    Chinch Bugs
    Clover and Other Noneriophyid Mites
    Dichondra Flea Beetle
    European Chafer
    Fall Armyworm
    Frit Fly
    Green June Beetle
    Ground Pearls
    Harvester Ants
    Japanese Beetle
    Masked Chafers
    May and June Beetles
    Mole Crickets
    Oriental Beetle
    Red Imported Fire Ant
    Sod Webworms
    Lined Spittlebug
    Biting and Stinging Pests

    Cicada Killers

    Beneficial Organisms

    Microbial Control of Turfgrass Insects
    Beneficial and Innocuous Invertebrates in Turf

    Turfgrass Pest Management

    Principles and History of Turfgrass Pest Management
    Turfgrass Insect Management and Unique Control Considerations
    Insect/Plant Stress Interactions
    Turfgrass Diseases and Their Relationship to Insect Management
    Weed Management in Turf and Weed/Arthropod Interactions

    Sources of Local Information
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    A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, Second Edition, Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition, and Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition - 3-Book Kit

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