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Handbook of Corn Insects
Handbook of Corn Insects

This handbook outlines fundamental approaches to corn insect pest management that can aid in reducing crop damage and loss.

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This handbook outlines fundamental approaches to corn insect pest management that can aid in reducing crop damage and loss. With contributions from 73 experts, it provides detailed descriptions of topics including insect identification, life-history data, and management options. This comprehensive guide includes discussions on corn ecology and physiology; corn insect pests, predators and parasitoids; and corn pest management procedures. Includes 158 color photographs, 132 illustrations, a directory of local information, and a glossary.

Handbook of Corn Insects

Contributing Authors
How to Use this Handbook

An Introduction to Corn

History of Corn as a Crop
Importance of Corn in the World
Corn Plant Development
Climatic Requirements for Corn
Corn Management

Hybrid Choice
Soil Fertility
Tillage and Crop Rotation
Harvest and Storage

Corn Insect Management

Introduction and Principles
Tactics for Corn Insect Management

Cultural Control
Natural and Applied Biological Control
Chemical Control and Insecticides
Plant Resistance to Insects

Sampling and Monitoring
Role of Weather in Monitoring for Insect Pests and Predicting their Activity

Temperature and Insect Growth
Day Length
Influence of Weather on Insect Movement

Decision Making
Developing an IPM Program

Identify Primary and Sporadic Pests
Understand Pest Biology and Behavior
Understand Crop Management Options
Select Pest Management Options
Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Program, and Modify if Necessary

Corn IPM in the Future

Corn Pests

Insects and Related Anthropods

Injury to Seeds and Seedlings
Injury to Roots
Injury to Leaves, Tassels, and Stalks
Injury to Ears

Corn Diseases and Their Relationship to Insect Management
Birds and Mammals

Identification of Insects and Diagnosis of Injury

Corn Insect Pests by Injury Type
Insect Injury to Corn

Early Season to Injury: Planting to Early Whorl
Mid to Late Season Injury to Leaves, Stalks, Tassels, or Roots
Injury to Silks, Ears, or Ear Shanks

Identification of Insects
Corn Insect Pests

Pests Feeding Mostly At or Below the Soil Surface
Pests Feeding Mostly Above the Soil Surface

Parasitoids and Predators of Insect Pests of Corn

Pest Information

Angoumois Grain Moth
Ants (Cornfield and Thief)
Carrot Beetle
Cattail Caterpillar
Cereal Leaf Beetle
Chinch Bug
Corn Blotch Leafminer
Corn Delphacid
Corn Earworm
Corn Rootworms
Corn Silk Beetle
European Corn Borer
European Earwig
False Chinch Bug
Fire Ant (Red Imported)
Flea Beetle (Corn)
Grape Colaspis
Hop Vine Borer and Potato Stem Borer
Japanse Beetle
Lesser Cornstalk Borer
Mormon Cricket
Pink Scavenger Caterpillar
Sap Beetles
Seedcorn Beetles
Seedcorn Maggot
Souther Corn Leafe Beetle
Southwestern Corn Borer and Related Stalk Borers
Spider Mites
Stalk Borer
Stink Bugs (Onespotted and Brown)
Sugarcane Beetle
Symphylan (Garden)
Twolined Spittlebug
Western Bean Cutworm
Wheat Curl Mite
Whitefringed Beetle
White Grubs
Woollybear (Yellow)

Beneficial Organisms


Entomogenous Fungi
Bacteria and Microsporidia


Tachinid Flies
Braconid Wasps
Ichneumon Wasps
Trichogrammatid Wasps
Other Parasitoids


Ground and Rove Beetles
Lady Beetles
Flower Bugs and Mintue Pirate Bugs
Damsel Bugs and Stink Bugs
Green and Brown Lacewings

References Cited
Sources of Local Information
Publish Date: 1999
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover; ©Entomological Society of America
ISBN: 978-0-938522-76-8
Pages: 174
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Kevin L. Steffey, Marlin E. Rice, John All, David A. Andow, Michael E. Gray, and John W. Van Duyn

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