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Handbook of Small Grain Insects
Handbook of Small Grain Insects

"…an excellent source of valuable information for plant protection specialists and academic teachers. Therefore this book should be in each agricultural library."
—Journal of Plant Protection Research

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Includes more than 135 color photographs and maps, illustrated keys of pest injury and insect identification, references, glossary, and index!

The Handbook of Small Grain Insects is a comprehensive text that examines the biology and management of arthropod pest and beneficial species of small grain crops. Fifty-eight entomologists from throughout North America with expertise on specific pest groups have contributed to the text, thereby providing the most up-to-date information on pest biology and management available. The crops covered are wheat, barley, oats, rye, and triticale, with an emphasis on wheat.

The handbook contains the latest information on the management of small grain pests with introductory chapters discussing management tactics specifically related to small grain production. The handbook also brings together in one place an extensive amount of information on the biology and management of many minor pests of small grains that is often difficult to locate. A chapter on key cereal grain pests found outside North America is included as well as sections on parasitoids, predators and entomopathogens of small grain pests. Numerous photos and illustrated keys will help readers identify small grain pest and beneficial arthropods. An extensive glossary and index also are included.

The insect and mite pests that attack small grains are organized in sections covering: scientific classifications, origin and distribution, description (aids in identification), pest status (relative importance of the pest), injury (aids in diagnosis), life history, management, and natural enemies of these insect pests. Authors are identified at the end of each section, and a list of references for additional information is provided for most sections.

This handbook is designed for practitioners of integrated pest management (IPM) programs in small grains, growers, crop consultants, extension agents, agronomists, and agricultural sales representatives. Entomologists, entomology researchers and students will find this handbook indispensable. Horticulturists, plant pathologists, weed scientists, nematologists and scientists from related disciplines will also find the book to be a valuable reference.

Handbook of Small Grain Insects

About the Editors/Contributing Authors
How to Use this Book

An Introduction to Small Grains

Importance and Types of Small Grains
Growth and Development of Small Grains
Small Grain Production Practices
Insect and Mite Injury to Small Grains

Small Grain Pest Management

Principles of Small Grain Pest Management
Sampling and Decision Making in Arthropod

Pest Management

Pest Management Tactics for Small Grain

Arthropod Pests

Diseases and Arthropod Pest Management

Identification of Arthropods and Diagnosis of Injury

Small Grain Arthropod Pests by Injury Type
Small Grain Arthropod Pests by Scientific Classification
Key to Insect Injury to Wheat
Key to Insect and Mite pests of Small Grains

Pest Information


Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid
Corn Leaf Aphid
English Grain Aphid
Russian Wheat Aphid
Yellow Sugarcane Aphid
Miscellaneous Aphids


Fall Armyworm
Wheat Head Armyworm
Yellowstriped Armyworm

Blister Beetles
Cereal Leaf Beetle
Chinch Bug

Army Cutworm
Pale Western Cutworm

Flea Beetles
Frit Fly
Hessian Fly
Leaf Sawflies
Leafhoppers and Planthoppers
Leafminers/Grass Sheathminer
Lesser Cornstalk Borer
Mormon Cricket
Plant Bugs
Seedcorn Maggot
Stalk-Boring Caterpillars

European and Native Corn Borer
Stalk Borer

Stink Bugs
Wheat Jointworm
Wheat Midge
Wheat Mites

Wheat Curl Mite
Brown Wheat Mite
Banks Grass Mite
Winter Grain Mite

Wheat Stem Maggot
Wheat Stem Sawfly
Wheat Strawworm
White Grubs
Wireworms and False Wireworms

False Wireworms

Insect Pests Outside of North America

Sunn Pest and Cereal Bugs
Wheat Ground Beetle
Ground Pearls
Barley Stem Gall Midge
Barley Shoot Fly
Black Fly
Migratory Locust

Beneficial Organisms


Sources of Information
“…an excellent source of valuable information for plant protection specialists and academic teachers. Therefore this book should be in each agricultural library.”
—Journal of Plant Protection Research
Publish Date: 2007
Format: 8.5” x 11” softcover; ©Entomological Society of America and co-published by APS PRESS
ISBN: 978-0-9776209-1-3
Pages: 120
Images: 174 images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by G. David Buntin, Keith S. Pike, Michael J. Weiss, and James A. Webster

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