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Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 1
Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 1
This book represents the papers presented at the 8th International Symposium on Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions in Knoxville, Tennessee in July 1966.
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This is the inaugural book in the series and represents the papers presented at the 8th International Symposium on Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA in July 1996. More than 900 scientists from over 30 countries participated.

Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 1

Signal Transduction

Olfaction in plants: Specific perception of common microbial molecules

Thomas Boller and Georg Felix

Signal recognition and transduction in bacterial speck disease resistance of tomato

Gregory Martin, Xiaoyan Tang, Jianmin Zhou, Reid Frederick, Yulin Jia, and Ying-Tsu Loh

A comparison of methods for the determination of the oxidative burst in whole plants.

Ann T. Schroeder, Gregory Martin, and Philip S. Low

Signal perception and intracellular signal transduction in plant pathogen defense.

Wolfgang Wirtz, Dirk Nennstiel, Thorsten Jabs, Sabine Zimmermann, Dierk Scheel, and Thorsten Nürnberger

Systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana

K. Summermatter, Th. Birchler, L. Sticher, B. Mauch-Mani, M. Schneider, and J.P.Métraux

Studies of the salicyclic acid signal transduction pathway

Daniel F. Klessig, Jörg Durner, Zhixiang Chen, Marc Anderson, Uwe Conrath, He Du, Ailan Guo, Yidong Liu, Jyoti Shah, Herman Silva, Hideki Takahashi, and Yinong Yang

Plant Resistance

Genetic interactions between genes controlling cell death and pathogen recognition in Arabidopsis

Jeffery L. Dangl, Robert A. Dietrich, J.-B. Morel, Douglas C. Boyes, Thorsten Jabs, John M. McDowell, Murray R. Grant, Susanne Kjemtrup, and Scott Kaufman

Arabidopsis thaliana enhanced disease susceptibility (eds) mutants.

Elizabeth E. Rogers, Jane Glazebrook, Sigrid Volko, and Frederick M. Ausubel

Molecular, genetic and physiological analysis of Cladosporium resistance gene function in tomato

David A. Jones, Penny Brading, Mark Dixon, Kim Hammond-Kosack, Kate Harrison, Kostas Hatzixanthis, Martin Parniske, Pedro Piedras, Miguel Torres, Saijun Tang, Colwyn Thomas, and Jonathan D.G. Jones

The N gene of tabacco confers resistance to tobacco mosaic virus in transgenic tomato.

Barbara Baker, Steve Whitham, and Sheila McCormick

Genetic interactions specifying disease resistance in the bacterial speck disease of tomato

Christian Tobias, John Salmeron, Giles Oldroyd, Caius Rommens, Steven Scofield, and Brian Staskawicz


Signal perception and transduction in the activation of plant defense by ß-glucan elicitors.

Luis Antelo, Andrea Daxberger, Judith Fliegmann, Axel Mithöfer, Christel Schopfer, and Jürgen Ebel

Perception of oligochitin (N-acetylchitooligosaccharide) elicitor signal in rice.

Naoto Shibuya, Yuki Ito, and Hanae Kaku

NIP1, a bifunctional signal molecule from the barley pathogen, Rhynchosporium secalis.

Marion Fiegen, Angela Gierlich, Hanno Hermann, Volkhart Li, Matthias Rohe, and Wolfgang Knogge

The PGIP (polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein) family: Extracellular proteins specialized for recognition

F. Cervone, G. De Lorenzo, B. Aracri, D. Bellincampi, C. Caprari, A. Devoto, F. Leckie, B. Mattei, L. Nuss, and G. Salvi

Biochemical characterization of nod factor binding sites in Medicago roots and cell suspension cultures.

J.-J. Bono, F. Gressent, A. Niebel, J.V. Cullimore, and R. Ranjeva

Do legume vegetative tissue lectins play roles in plant-microbial interactions?

Marilynn E. Etzler and Judith B. Murphy


Agrobacterium: A natural genetic engineer exploited for plant biotechnology

Eugene W. Nester, John Kemner, Wanyin Deng, Yong-Woog Lee, Karla Fullner, Xiaoyou Liang, Shen Pan, and Joe Don Heath

Biogenesis of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-complex transport apparatus

D. Fernandez, G.M. Spudich, T.A. Dang, X.-R. Zhou, S. Rashkova, and P.J. Christie

Agrobacterium and plant genes affecting T-DNA transfer and integration.

Soma Narasimhulu, Jaesung Nam, Xiao-bing Deng, and Stanton Gelvin

The roles of the virulence proteins D2 and E2 in nuclear targeting, protection and integration of T-DNA

Barbara Hohn, BrunoTinland, Ana María Bravo Angel, Fabrice Schoumacher, Jesús Escudero, and Luca Rossi

Transfer and integration of Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-DNA in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome.

Paul Bundock, Amke den Dulk-Ras, Alice Beijersbergen, Eddy Risseeuw, and Paul J.J. Hooykaas

Bacterial Determinants for Pathogenicity and Avirulence

Bacterial determinants of pathogenicity and avirulence-An overview

Noel T. Keen

Pseudomonas syringae hrp genes: Regulation and role in avirulence phenotypes

Steven W. Hutcheson, Songmu Jin, Michael C. Lidell, and Zhisheng Fu

vSecreted proteins, secretion pathways, and the plant pathogenicity of Erwinia chrysanthemi and Pseudomonas syringae

Alan Collmer, James R. Alfano, David W. Bauer, Gail M. Preston, Amy O. Loniello, Alison Conlin, Jong Hyung Ham, Hsiou-Chen Huang, Suresh Gopalan, and Sheng Yang He

Genetic and molecular dissection of the hrp regulon of Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum

M. Marenda, F. Van Gijsegem, M. Arlat, C. Zischek, P. Barberis, J.C. Camus, P. Castello, and C.A. Boucher

Homoserine lactone-mediated microbial signaling: a communication system common to plant-associated bacteria.

Stephen K. Farrand, Kevin R. Piper, Rebecca Sackett, Gao Ping, Paul D. Shaw, and Kun-Soo Kim

Molecular analysis of protein secretion systems involved in Erwinia carotovora virulence.

J. Thomas, S. Wharam, L. Vincent-Sealey, S. Harris, Y.-L. Shih, and G.P.C. Salmond

Regulation of hrpNEcc and genes for other exoproteins in soft-rotting Erwinia carotovora by RsmA, a putative RNA-binding protein.

Asita Mukherjee, Yaya Cui and Arun K. Chatterjee

Genes and proteins involved in aggressiveness and avirulence of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae to rice.

J.E. Leach, W. Zhu, J.M. Chittoor, G. Ponciano, S.A. Young, and F.F. White

Role of nuclear localizing signal sequences in three disease phenotypes determined by the Xanthomonas avr/pth gene family.

D.W. Gabriel, Q. Yuan, Y. Yang, and P.K. Chakrabarty

Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria hrp gene regulation and avirulence gene avrBs3 recognition

U. Bonas, E. Huguet, L. Noël, M. Pierre, O. Rossier, K. Wengelnik, and G. Van den Ackerveken

Some novel factors required for pathogenicity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

C.E. Barber, T.J.G.Wilson, H. Slater, J.M. Dow, and M.J. Daniels

Coronatine, a plasmid-encoded virulence factor produced by Pseudomonas syringae

C. Bender, D. Palmer, A. Peñaloza-Vázquez, V. Rangaswamy, and M. Ullrich

Genetics of Fungal Pathogenicity

Molecular genetic approaches to the study of fungal pathogenesis revisited

Sally A. Leong

The molecular basis of compatibility: Lessons from the host-selective toxin of Cochliobolus carbonum

Virginia Crane, Nasser Yalpani, and Steve Briggs

Review of evidence linking hypovirus-mediated disruption of cellular G-protein signal transduction and attenuation of fungal virulence

Baoshan Chen, Shaojian Gao, Lynn M. Geletka, Shin Kasahara, Ping Wang, and Donald L. Nuss

Saponins and plant disease

Jos P. Wubben, Rachel E. Melton, Michael J. Daniels, and Anne E. Osbourn

Control of mating, filamentous growth and pathogenicity in Ustilago maydis

Regine Kahmann, Tina Romeis, H. Andreas Hartmann, Heidi U. Böhnert, Michael Bölker, and Jörg Kämper

Genomic organization of the TOX2 locus of Cochliobolus carbonum

Jonathan D.Walton, Joon-Hoon Ahn, John W. Pitkin, andAnastasia N. Nikolskaya

Structure-function relation studies on AVR9 and AVR4 elicitors of Cladosporium fulvum

P.J.G.M. De Wit, M. Kooman-Gersmann, R. Vogelsang, M.H.A.J. Joosten, J.P.M.J. Vossen, R.L. Weide, R. Laugé, G. Honée, and J.J.M. Vervoort


Cellular and molecular mechanisms of coat protein and movement protein mediated resistance against TMV

Roger N. Beachy, Hal S. Padgett, Ted Kahn, Mohammed Bendahmane, John H. Fitchen, Manfred Heinlein, Yuichiro Watanabe, and Bernard L. Epel

Role of plasmodesmata and host factors in control of viral infection

William J. Lucas

Elicitor functions of tobamovirus coat proteins in Nicotiana sylvestris

Zenobia Taraporewala and James N. Culver

Virus-host interactions in southern bean mosaic virus gene expression and assembly

David L. Hacker and Kailayapilla Sivakumaran

Interactive roles of viral proteins,viral RNA, and host factors in bromovirus RNA replication.

P. Ahlquist, J.Díez, M. Ishikawa, M. Janda, A. Noueiry, B.D. Price, M. Restrepo-Hartwig, and M. Sullivan

Geminivirus replication

Linda Hanley-Bowdoin, Patricia A. Eagle, Beverly M. Orozco, Dominique Robertson, and Sharon B. Settlage

Involvement of rice dwarf virus S6 in symptom severity and insect transmission.

Ichiro Uyeda, Yuko Ando, Yoko Tanji, Hiroki Atarashi, and Ikuo Kimura

Plant-Microbe Symbioses

The molecular basis of host specificity of rhizobia

H.P. Spaink, J. Bakkers, M. Bladergroen, G.V. Bloemberg, I. Dandal, C.L. Diaz, L. Blok-Tip, A. Gisel, M. Harteveld, I.M. Lopez-Lara, D. Kafetzopoulos, E. Kamst, J.W. Kijne, D. Meijer, B.J.J. Lugtenberg, A.O. Ovtsyna, I. Potrykus, N.E.M. Quaedvlieg, C. Quinto, T. Ritsema, C. Sautter, H.R.M. Schlaman, J.E. Thomas-Oates, J.H. van Boom, K. Van der Drift, G.A. van der Marel, S.Van Leeuwen, A. Veldhuis, and A.H.M. Wijfjes

nod gene regulation in Bradyrhizobium japonicum

John Loh, Minviluz Garcia, Joyce Yuen and Gary Stacey

Signal peptidases of Bradyrhizobium japonicum as new symbiosis- specific proteins.

Peter Müller, Andrea Bairl, Anja Klaucke, Christian Sens, and Till Winzer

Rhizobium species NGR234 host-specificity of nodulation locus III contains nod- and fix-genes

S. Jabbouri, M. Hanin, R. Fellay, D. Quesada-Vincens, B. Reuhs, R.W. Carlson, X. Perret, C. Freiberg, A. Rosenthal, D. Leclerc, W.J. Broughton, and B. ReliD

Exopolysaccharides and their role in nodule invasion

Gregory M. York, Juan E. González, and Graham C. Walker

Acidic capsular polysaccharides (K antigens) of Rhizobium

Bradley L. Reuhs

Rhizobium etli lipopolysaccharide alterations triggered by host exudate compounds.

K. Dale Noel, Dominik M. Duelli, and Valerie J. Neumann

Analysis of the secretion of symbiosis-related proteins by Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae

C. Finnie, G. Dean, J.M. Sutton, S. Gehlani, and J.A. Downie

Symbiotic suppression of the Medicago sativa defense system-The key of Rhizobium meliloti to enter the host plant?

Karsten Niehaus, Ruth Baier, Anke Becker, and Alfred Pühler

New tools for investigating nodule initiation and ontogeny: Spot inoculation and microtargeting of transgenic white clover roots shows auxin involvement and suggests a role for flavonoids

U. Mathesius, H.R.M. Schlaman, D. Meijer, B.J.J. Lugtenberg, H.P. Spaink, J.J. Weinman, L.F. Roddam, C. Sautter, B.G. Rolfe, and M.A. Djordjevic

Separation and characterization of Rhizobium and Trifolium proteinsusing proteome analysis to study global changes in gene expression

M. Guerreiro, J.J. Weinman, S. Natera, A.C. Morris, J.W. Redmond, M.A. Djordjevic, and B.G. Rolfe

Control of nodule organogenesis in Medicago

M. Crespi, C. Charon, C. Johansson, F. Frugier, T. Coba, P. Bauer, A. Fehér, A. Lodeiro, S. Poirier, S. Brown, P. Ratet, C. Staehelin, T.H. Trinh, M. Schultze, E. Kondorosi, H.H. Felle, and A. Kondorosi

Gene discovery in early plant nodulation responses and systemic regulation of nodulation

Peter M. Gresshoff, Gustavo Caetano-Anollés, Roel P. Funke, Farshid Ghassemi, Jaime Padilla, Gabrielle Crüger, Sanjeev Pillai, Jiri Stiller, Ruju Chian, Anatoli Filatov, Raymond McDonnell, Sunil Tuppale, Qunyi Jiang, Lisa Calfee-Richardson, and Debbie Landau-Ellis

Plant genes controlling the fate of bacteria inside the root

I.A. Tikhonovich, A.Y. Borisov, V.K. Lebsky, E.V. Morzhina, and V.E. Tsyganov

Transposon tagging in Lotus japonicus using the maize elements Ac and Ds

Eloisa Pajuelo, Leif Schauser, Thomas Thykjaer, Knud Larsen, and Jens Stougaard

Nicotiana tabacum SR1 contains two ENOD40 homologs.

Martha Matvienko, Karin van de Sande, Katharina Pawlowski, Ab van Kammen, Henk Franssen, and Ton Bisseling

Calcium-dependent phosphorylation of the nodulin 26 channel by a symbiosome membrane protein kinase

Daniel M. Roberts, C. David Weaver, and Jung Weon Lee

Sugar signals and legume lectins.

Clara L. Diaz, Herman P. Spaink, and Jan W. Kijne

Molecular communication in cyanobacterial-plant symbioses

B. Bergman, A. Matveyev, U. Rasmussen, and A.Viterbo-Fainzilber

Specific flavonoids stimulate intercellular colonization of non-legumes by Azorhizobium caulinodans

Claire Gough, Gordon Webster, Jacques Vasse, Christine Galera, Caroline Batchelor, Kenneth O'Callaghan, Michael Davey, Shanker Kothari, Jean Dénarié, and Edward Cocking

Actinorhizal nodules from different plant families

K. Pawlowski, A.Ribeiro, C. Guan, A. van Kammen, A.M. Berry, and T. Bisseling

In vitro expression of actinorhizal nodulin AgNOD-GHRP and demonstration of its toxicity to Escherichia coli

Svetlana V. Dobritsa and Beth C. Mullin

Emerging areas and future prospects in the field of plant-microbe interactions

Andrzej B. Legocki


Molecular basis of rhizosphere colonization by Pseudomonas bacteria

Ben Lugtenberg, Arjan van der Bij, Guido Bloemberg, Thomas Chin A. Woeng, Linda Dekkers, Lev Kravchenko, Ine Mulders, Claartje Phoelich, Marco Simons, Herman Spaink, Igor Tikhonovich, Letty de Weger, and Carel Wijffelman

The biotechnology and application of Pseudomonas inoculants for the biocontrol of phytopathogens

Colum Dunne, Isabel Delaney, Anne Fenton, Scott Lohrke, Yvan Moënne- Loccoz, and Fergal O'Gara

Antifungal metabolites involved in biological control of soilborne plant diseases by rhizosphere pseudomonads

Joyce E. Loper, Jennifer Kraus, Nathan Corbell, and Brian Nowak- Thompson

Biocontrol: Genetic modifications for enhanced antifungal activity.

James M. Ligon, Stephen T. Lam, Thomas D. Gaffney, D. Steven Hill, Phillip E. Hammer, and Nancy Torkewitz

Phenazine antibiotic biosynthesis in the biological control bacterium Pseudomonas aureofaciens 30-84 is regulated at multiple levels

L.S. Pierson III, D.W. Wood, and S.T. Chancey

2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol, a key antibiotic in soilborne pathogen suppression by fluorescent Pseudomonas spp

L.S. Thomashow, M.G. Bangera, R.F. Bonsall, D.-S. Kim, J. Raaijmakers, and D.M.Weller

Zwittermicin A and biological control of oomycete pathogens.

Elizabeth A. Stohl, Eric V. Stabb, and Jo Handelsman

Diversity and Ecology of Plant-Associated Microbes

Plant regulation of bacterial root colonization

D.A. Phillips, W.R. Streit, H. Volpin, J.D. Palumbo, C.M. Joseph, E.S. Sande, F.J. de Bruijn, and C.I. Kado

Molecular genetic approaches to assessing bacterial habitat composition, modification, and interactions on leaves

Steven E. Lindow

Exploring the microbial diversity and soil management practices to optimize the contribution of soil microorganisms to plant nutrition

Mariangella Hungria and Milton A.T. Vargas

Rep-PCR genomic fingerprinting of plant-associated bacteria and computer-assisted phylogenetic analyses

F.J. de Bruijn, J. Rademaker, M. Schneider, U. Rossbach, and F.J. Louws

Comments on Rhizobium systematics: Lessons from R. tropici and R. etli

E. Martinez-Romero

Emerging Areas of Research

Root border cells

Martha C. Hawes, L.A. Brigham, H.-H. Woo, Y. Zhu, and F. Wen

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae: Molecular approaches to investigate phosphate nutrition in the symbiosis

Maria J. Harrison, Stephen H. Burleigh, Henry Liu, and Marianne L. van Buuren

Root-knot nematode induced TobRB7 expression and antisense transgenic resistance strategies

Charles H. Opperman and Mark A. Conkling

Use of phytoremediation strategies to bioremediate contaminated soils and water

Michael J. Sadowsky and Daniel R. Smith

The possible links between RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM), sense and antisense RNA, gene silencing, symptom-induction upon microbial infections and RNA-directed DNA polymerase (RDRP)

H.L. Sänger, W. Schiebel, L. Riedel, T. Pelissier, and M. Wassenegger

Evolution of Epichloë species symbioses with grasses.

Christopher L. Schardl, Huei-Fung Tsai, Kuang-Ren Chung, Adrian Leuchtmann, and Malcolm R. Siegel

International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions: Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary

R. James Cook

International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions: Satellite Meeting

Emerging model legume systems: Tools and recent advances.

Kathryn VandenBosch, Douglas Cook, Frans de Bruijn, and Thierry Huguet

International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions: Original Music

One more control

J. Kijne

Lonesome ligand

K. VandenBosch and J. Kijne

Tears on a labcoat

J. Kijne

Coomassie blues

C. Rosenberg, K. VandenBosch, and J. Kijne

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Publish Date: 1996
Format: 6" x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9654625-0-1
Pages: 608
Images: 104 figures
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Edited by Gary Stacey, Beth Mullin, and Peter M. Gresshoff

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