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Forest Health: An Integrated Perspective
Forest Health: An Integrated Perspective
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Forest Health: An Integrated Perspective is the first book to define an ecologically rational, conceptual framework that unifies and integrates the many sub-disciplines that comprise the science of forest health and protection. This new global approach applies to boreal, temperate, tropical, natural, managed, even-aged, uneven-aged and urban forests, as well as plantations.

Readers of the text can use real datasets to assess the sustainability of four forests around the world. Datasets for the case studies provide stepwise instructions for performing the calculations in Microsoft Excel. Readers can follow along as the editors perform the same calculations and interpret the results.

Elevating forest health from a fuzzy concept to an ecologically sound paradigm, this is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals interested in forest health, protection, entomology, pathology and ecology.


  • Unifies the diverse fields of forest health under one umbrella, facilitating student learning and interdisciplinary study
  • Provides case studies, exercises and stepwise instructions, and teaches students how to conduct their own forest health assessment
  • Chapters address the essential concepts that bridge the gap between biology and forestry, encouraging a broad-based understanding of the diverse concepts needed to comprehensively understand and assess forest health

Forest Health: An Integrated Perspective


Part I. Forest Health and Mortality

The past as key to the future: a new perspective on forest health

S. A. Teale and J. D. Castello

Mortality: the essence of a healthy forest

L. Zhang, B. D. Rubin and P. D. Manion

How do we do it, and what does it mean?: forest health case studies

J. D. Castello, S. A. Teale and J. A. Cale

Part II. Forest Health and its Ecological Components

Regulators and terminators: the importance of biotic factors to a 
   healthy forest

S. A. Teale and J. D. Castello

Alien invasions: the effects of introduced species on forest 
   structure and function

D. Parry and S. A. Teale

Out of sight, underground: forest health, edaphic factors, 
   and mycorrhizae

R. D. Briggs and T. R. Horton

Earth, wind, and fire: abiotic factors and the impacts of 
   global environmental change on forest health

J. E. Lundquist, A. E. Camp, M. L. Tyrrell, S. J. Seybold, P. Cannon and D. J. Lodge

Part III. Forest Health and the Human Dimension

Silviculture, forest management, and forest health: an axe does
   not a forester make

C. A. Nowak, R. H. Germain and A. P. Drew

Biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable timber harvest: 
  can we have it all?

S. P. Campbell, D. A. Patrick and J. P. Gibbs

Seeing the forest for the trees: forest health monitoring

M. Fierke, D. Nowak and R. Hofstetter

What did we learn, and where does it leave us?:
   concluding thoughts

J. D. Castello and S. A. Teale

Appendix A. Microsoft Excel instructions for Chapter 2
Appendix B. Microsoft Excel instructions for Chapter 3
Appendix C. Glossary of terms

Publish Date: 2011
Format: 10" x 7" softcover
Pages: 404
Images: 80 images
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by John d. Castello and Stephen A. Teale

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