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#6 Fungicide Resistance in North America, 2nd Ed
#6 Fungicide Resistance in North America, 2nd Ed


  • The only current book on fungicide resistance that focuses on North American crops
  • Provides coverage of all the new major fungicide groups
  • Includes 14 new chapters of crop-specific case studies

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Fungicides are the primary tools used to manage plant diseases, but they are regularly rendered useless by pathogens’ ability to develop resistance. The development of resistance to fungicides is arguably the greatest challenge to effectively managing plant diseases. A second obstacle in the development and application of fungicides is the constant change in the chemical landscape, as new chemicals are introduced and others are banned.

Fungicide Resistance in North America, Second Edition, is a complete update of the 1988 edition. It describes the current state of fungicide development and management of fungicide resistance in primary pathogens of important agricultural and horticultural crops. Unlike other recently published books on fungicide resistance, this book focuses exclusively on the most significant resistance issues faced by agricultural producers in North America and especially the United States.

This new edition is organized into four main sections:

  • An overview of the history, science, practice, politics, and management of fungicide resistance

  • An updated review of the major fungicide groups—including significant new groups such as succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHIs), quinone outside inhibitors (QoIs), phenylpyrroles, azonaphthalenes, and carboxylic acid amides—that covers their modes of action, market situations, histories of resistance development, and mechanisms of resistance

  • A review of sampling strategies and modern laboratory methods for detecting and characterizing fungicide resistance in plant-pathogenic fungi and oomycetes

  • NEW to this edition! Case studies highlighting the historical development, current status, and management of fungicide resistance in key pathogens of major crops, including stone fruits, tree nuts, potatoes, cucurbits, strawberries, rice, turfgrass, and more

Editors Katherine L. Stevenson, Margaret T. McGrath, and Christian A. Wyenandt have extensive experience studying fungicide resistance. Together with nearly 60 contributing authors, they provide the most up-to-date information available on research about the mechanisms of resistance to the major classes of fungicides and strategies for managing resistance. They also provide the knowledge needed to sample appropriately and accurately detect fungicide resistance in pathogen isolates or populations.

Fungicide Resistance in North America, Second Edition, is an extensive and practical tool for agricultural industry and agricultural chemical industry professionals, as well as extension personnel, crop consultants, county agents, farm advisors, and educators and students. Students and readers new to the topic of fungicide resistance will benefit from the glossary of terms provided and from the fundamental discussions of key concepts.

Fungicide Resistance in North America, Second Edition

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: An Overview of Fungicide Resistance and Resistance Management: History and Future Trends

Andrew Leadbeater, Margaret T. McGrath, Christian A. Wyenandt, and Katherine L. Stevenson

Chapter 2: The Contribution of FRAC to Resistance Management: Science, Practice, and Politics

Andy Leadbeater

Part II: Fungicide Modes of Action and Mechanisms of Resistance

Chapter 3: The Methyl Benzimidazole Carbamate Fungicides (FRAC Code 1)

Gilberto Olaya and Ray Geddens

Chapter 4: Resistance of Plant Pathogens to Dicarboximides (FRAC Code 2)

Gerd Stammler, Kristin Klappach, and Andreas Mehl

Chapter 5: DMI Fungicides (FRAC Code 3): Sensitivity Status of Key Target Pathogens, Field Versus Laboratory Resistance, and Resistance Mechanisms

Andreas Mehl, Helena Schmitz, Klaus Stenzel, and Jim Bloomberg

Chapter 6: Phenylamides: Market Trends and Resistance Evolution for Important Oomycete Pathogens More Than 35 Years After the First Product Introduction (FRAC Code 4)

Dietrich C. Hermann, Duncan McKenzie, Yigal Cohen, and Ulrich Gisi

Chapter 7: Resistance of Plant Pathogens to Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI) Fungicides (FRAC Code 7)

Kristin Klappach and Gerd Stammler

Chapter 8: Resistance of Plant Pathogens to QoI Fungicides (FRAC Code 11)

Helge Sierotzki and Gerd Stammler

Chapter 9: Resistance to Phenylpyrrole Fungicides (FRAC Code 12)

Gilberto Olaya and Andrew J. Corran

Chapter 10: The Status of Azanaphthalene Fungicide Resistance in North America (FRAC Code 13)

David G. Ouimette

Chapter 11: Resistance to the Carboxylic Acid Amide Fungicides (FRAC Code 40)

Gilberto Olaya, Mathias Blum, Allison Tally, and Ulrich Gisi

Part III: Methods for Detecting and Characterizing Fungicide Resistance

Chapter 12: Sampling for Fungicide Resistance

Odile Carisse and Hervé Van der Heyden

Chapter 13: Laboratory Methods for Evaluating Fungicide Resistance In Vitro

Julie S. Pasche and Neil C. Gudmestad

Chapter 14: Molecular Detection Methods for Fungicide Resistance

Helge Sierotzki, Andreas Mehl, and Gerd Stammler

Part IV: Case Studies of Fungicide Resistance in North American Crops

Chapter 15: Fungicide Resistance in North American Grape Production

Anton B. A. M. Baudoin, Wayne F. Wilcox, and W. Douglas Gubler

Chapter 16: Fungicide Resistance in Fungal Pathogens of Stone Fruits

Guido Schnabel, Phillip M. Brannen, Hervé Avenot, Themis J. Michailides, and James E. Adaskaveg

Chapter 17: Fungicide Resistance in Venturia inaequalis in the Eastern Half of North America

Janna L. Beckerman, Kerik D. Cox, George W. Sundin, and David A. Rosenberger

Chapter 18: Fungicide Resistance in Citrus Pathogens

Megan M. Dewdney, Byron Vega, Natalia A. Peres, and James H. Graham

Chapter 19: Fungicide Resistance in Pathogens of Strawberry

Guido Schnabel, Dolores Fernández-Ortuño, Achour Amiri, and Natalia A. Peres

Chapter 20: Postharvest Fungicide Resistance in Fruit Pathogens in the United States

James E. Adaskaveg and Helga Förster

Chapter 21: Fungicide Resistance in Pathogens of Tree Nut Crops in the United States

Themis J. Michailides, Hervé Avenot, and Katherine L. Stevenson

Chapter 22: Development of Fungicide Resistance in Potato and Tomato Pathogens

Neil C. Gudmestad and Kelly L. Ivors

Chapter 23: Fungicide Resistance in Pathogens of Nonsolanaceous Vegetable Crops

Margaret T. McGrath, Christian A. Wyenandt, and Katherine L. Stevenson

Chapter 24: Fungicide Resistance in Peanut Pathogens in the United States

Katherine L. Stevenson and Albert K. Culbreath

Chapter 25: Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora Pathogens of Field Crops

Carl A. Bradley, Gary A. Secor, Melvin D. Bolton, Viviana V. Rivera, Guirong Zhang, and Ray Ming

Chapter 26: Fungicide Resistance in Rice Pathogens in North America

Donald Groth, Clayton Hollier, Gilberto Olaya, and Allison Tally

Chapter 27: Fungicide Resistance in Turfgrass Pathogens

Elisha Allan-Perkins, Jonathan P. Hulvey, James Popko, Jr., Nathaniel Mitkowski, Joe Vargas, and Geunhwa Jung

Chapter 28: Fungicide Resistance Development in Pathogens of Ornamental Crops

Carla D. Garzon, Luisa Santamaria, and Gary W. Moorman



Publish Date: 2019
Format: 8.5” x 11” hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-621-5
Pages: 411
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

Edited by Katherine L. Stevenson, Margaret T. McGrath, and Christian A. Wyenandt

Fungicide Resistance in North America, Second Edition

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