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Biological Ice Nucleation and Its Applications
Biological Ice Nucleation and Its Applications

This book integrates the ice nucleation research of plant physiologists, crop scientists, microbiologists, biochemists, bacteriologists, entomologists, and food scientists worldwide.

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A select group of bacteria plays a key role in the phenomenon of ice nucleation; their actions having an impact on the frost sensitivity of plants, the winter survival of certain insects, and even on weather systems. This book integrates the ice nucleation research of plant physiologists, crop scientists, microbiologists, biochemists, bacteriologists, entomologists, and food scientists worldwide.

From the Preface:
The scientific literature related to ice nucleation in biological systems is unusually scattered owing to the diversity of disciplines with interest in this subject. Reports have come from the fields of meteorology, bacteriology, plant physiology, crop science, physiology of cold tolerance in ectothermic animals (particularly insects), and the application of ice nucleation to medicine, cryobiology, food science, and snowmaking. The purpose of this book is to integrate for the first time information from each of these areas to serve not only as a reference for researchers in the field, but also one that will appeal to those with a more peripheral interest in the topic. We hope that this book will aid in the synthesis of principles of ice nucleation spanning a range from theoretical to applied aspects in bacterial, plant, and animal systems. In addition, students new to this subject may use it as an accessible starting point.

Since each of these disciplines has developed its own, largely independent, body of literature, complete with different sets of terms for phenomena that are common to all, we have included a glossary as an aid to interpretating the literature.

Biological Ice Nucleation and Its Applications

Chapter 1: Principles of Ice Nucleation

Gabor Vali

Chapter 2: Discovery of Bacterial Ice Nucleation and Its Role in the Injury of Plants by Frost

Christen D. Upper and Gabor Vali

Chapter 3: Ecology of Ice Nucleation-Active Bacteria

Susan S. Hirano and Christen D. Upper

Chapter 4: Biochemistry of Bacterial Ice Nuclei

Ray Fall and Paul K. Wolber

Chapter 5: Identification and Analysis of ina Genes and Proteins

Gareth J. Warren

Chapter 6: Molecular Modeling of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Bacterial ina Proteins

Andrey V. Kajava

Chapter 7: Freezing Tolerance in Plants: An Overview

T.H.H. Chen, M.J. Burke, and L.V. Gusta

Chapter 8: Ice Nucleation Activity Associated with Plants and Fungi

Edward N. Ashworth and Thomas L. Kieft

Chapter 9: Deep Supercooling in Woody Plants and the Role of Cell Wall Structure

Michael Wisniewski

Chapter 10: Deep Supercooling in Buds of Woody Plants

H.A. Quamme

Chapter 11: The Roles of Ice Nucleators in Cold Tolerant Invertebrates

John G. Duman, T. Mark Olsen, King Lun Yeung, and Fred Jerva

Chapter 12: Supercooling and Ice Nucleation in Vertebrate Ectotherms

Jon P. Costanzo and Richard E. Lee, Jr.

Chapter 13: Control of Epiphytic Ice Nucleation Active Bacteria for Management of Plant Frost Injury

Steven E. Lindow

Chapter 14: Biological Control of Insect Pests Using Ice Nucleating Microorganisms

Richard E. Lee, Jr., Marcia R. Lee, and Janet M. Strong-Gunderson

Chapter 15: Ice Nucleation Genes as Reporters

Nickolas J. Panopoulos

Chapter 16: Transduction of ina Genes for Bacterial Identification

P.K. Wolber, R.L. Green, W.T. Tucker, N.M. Watanabe, C.A. Vance, R.A. Fallon, C.Linderhardt, and A.J. Smith

Chapter 17: Applications of Bacterial Ice-Nucleation Activity in Food Processing

Michiko Watanabe and Soichi Arai

Chapter 18: Role of Nucleation in Cryopreservation

Gregory M. Fahy

Chapter 19: Applications of Biological Ice Nucleators in Spray Ice Technology

Richard J. LaDuca, A. Franklin Rice, and Patrick J. Ward

Publish Date: 1995
Format: 6" x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-172-2
Pages: 370
Images: 78 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Richard E. Lee, Jr., Gareth J. Warren, and L. V. Gusta

List Price:149.00

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