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Blue Mold of Tobacco
Blue Mold of Tobacco
This book is a comprehensive treatment of blue mold and the blue mold pathogen, Peronospora hyoscyami.
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From the Preface:

This is an international book on a species of downy mildew fungus that is causing a 20th-century disease on one of the most economically valuable crops grown in the world today. Geographical barriers have prevented the blue mold pathogen from invading China, India, Japan, and Africa south of the Sahara, but humans accidentally carried it from Australia to Europe. In North America and Europe, this explosive fungus overwinters in the warmer regions and in the summer blows into the cooler regions were it develops best.

This unique book provides a complex and detailed picture of this colorful pathogen, its relationship with tobacco, its sensitivity to the environment, and the effect of human manipulation. Induced systemic resistance, epidemiology and meteorology, and social and legal implications are discussed in addition to environmental, molecular, biochemical, genetic, structural, and taxonomic aspects.

Blue Mold of Tobacco


Peronospora hyoscyami de Bary: Taxonomic History, Strains, and Host Range

G. I. Johnson

Spread and Control of Blue Mold in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East

René Delon and Pierre Schiltz

Host-Parasite Relationships: Morphology and Ultrastructure

A. M. Svircev, W. E. McKeen, and R. J. Smith

Host-Parasite Relations: Biochemistry

Aglika Edreva

Genetics of Host Resistance to Tobacco Blue Mold

R. C. Rufty

Specificity of Peronospora hyoscyami

M. L. Menetrez and H. W. Spurr, Jr.

Induced Systemic Resistance to Blue Mold of Tobacco

S. Tuzun and J. Kuc

Epidemiology and Biometeorology of Tobacco Blue Mold

C. E. Main and J. M. Davis

Effect of Environment on Sporulation, Dispersal, Longevity, and Germination of Conidia of Peronospora hyoscyami

I. A. M. Cruickshank

The Canadian 1979 Blue Mold Epiphytotic

W. E. McKeen

Publish Date: 1989
Format: 6" × 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-097-8
Pages: 288
Images: 9 color images; 96 black and white images
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by W. E. McKeen

List Price:89.00

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