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Challenging Problems in Plant Health
Challenging Problems in Plant Health
This book takes the reader through the development of The American Phytopathological Society and explores how growing relationships with other organizations have brought different disciplines together.
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From the Preface:

E Pluribus Unum! This familiar motto inscribed on coins of the United States signifies the coming together of many peoples of the world to form one nation. This book reflects that same concept in that many sciences have come together to form the discipline of plant pathology. From the Table of Contents, it is evident that biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as such seemingly unrelated fields as meteorology and economics, beat on plant health in some way. This is reflected in the division of the volume into five sections: history; nature, identification, and management of looses; biological and physical constraints to plant health (genetic, environmental, ecological, and epidemiological); disease control; and socioeconomic factors. The sciences and mathematics are woven into the fabric.

Challenging Problems in Plant Health

Part 1: Plant Health in Perspective

A Look at the Past

J. G. Horsfall

Our Relationships to Other Scientific Societies and Organizations in the Past 75 Years

R. Aycock and D. R. Fravel

Promoting Plant Health Through Communication

T. Kommedahl, S. C. Nelson, and M. Wimer

Healthy Plants--A Threat to Civilization (and a Challenge to the APS)

W. C. Paddock

Goal for Plant Health in the Age of Plants: A National Plant Health System

J. A. Browning

Part 2: Nature of Losses

Nature of Crop Losses: An Overview

C. E. Main

Identification and Assessment of Losses

P. S. Teng and R. J. Oshima

Toward the Management of Crop Losses

D. R. MacKenzie

Part 3: Biological and Physical Constraints to Plant Health
Genetic Considerations

The Role of Genetics in Etiological Pathology and Maintenance of Plant Health

R. G. Grogan

Physiological Constraints to Maximum Yield Potential

G. E. Edwards, S. B. Ku, and J. G. Foster

Morphological Constraints on Maximum Yield Potential

R. M. Sachs

Conservation of Plant and Symbiont Germ Plasm

P. H. Williams

Somatic Modification of Germ Plasm and the Potential for Genetic Engineering

J. F. Shepard

Potential for Alleviation of Environmental Constraints

Ambient Meteorological Factors--Light, Temperature, and Moisture

S. M. Coakley

Soil Physical Factors that Affect Plant Health

R. I. Papendick and L. F. Elliott

Air Quality and Plant Health

E. Brennan and I. Leone

Mineral Deficiences and Excesses

E. Epstein and A. Läuchli

Plant Health: A View from Above

R. D. Jackson

Quantifying the Effect of the Physical Environment

P. E. Waggoner

Predicting the Environment

R. C. Seem and J. M. Russo

Potential for Alleviation of Biotic Constraints

Viruses and Viroids

M. Zaitlin


A. K. Vidaver


E. S. Luttrell


M. V. McKenry and H. Ferris


D. M. Norris

Weeds and Higher-Plant Parasites

F. W. Slife

Interactions and Complexes

Recognition and Specificity Between Plants and Pathogens

L. Sequeira

Current Concepts of Disease Resistance in Plants

J. M. Daly

Mechanisms of Pathogenesis

H. Wheeler and S. Diachun

Potential of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Agricultural and Forest Productivity

D. H. Marx and N. C. Schenk

Use of Mutants to Study Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation

S. R. Long

Epidemiology of Biotic Pathogens

Disease Prediction: Current Status and Future Directions

A. L. Jones

The Role of Mathematical Models in Plant Health Management

R. A. Fleming and J. A. Bruhn

Population Genetics and Evolution of Host-Parasite Interactions

C. Person and B. Christ

Plant Growth Models and Plant Disease Epidemiology

D. I. Rouse

Part 4: Control of Biotic Pathogens

Introduction to Disease Control

W. E. Fry and B. G. Tweedy

The Future of Chemicals for Controlling Plant Diseases

B. G. Tweedy

Changing Emphasis in Disease Management

C. J. Delp

The Future of Biological and Cultural Control of Plant Disease

K. F. Baker

Future Strategies for Integrated Control

J. H. Andrews

Breeding for Disease Resistance

J. L. Brewbaker

Agroecosystems, Disease Resistance, and Crop Improvement

I. W. Buddenhagen

Genetic Strategies and Their Value in Disease Control

M. S. Wolfe

Part 5: Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Plant Health Maintenance

Economics of Plant Disease Control

G. B. White

The Role of Plant Quarantine in Plant Health

M. A. Smith and G. H. Berg

Government Programs

J. F. Fulkerson

International Cooperation in Agricultural Research: The Basis for Feeding More People and Feeding People More

G. A. Zentmyer, H. D. Thurston, and J. S. Niederhauser

Education in Plant Pathology: Problems and Challenges Ahead

W. Merrill

Publish Date: 1983
Format: 6" × 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-057-2
Pages: 538
Images: 15 images
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Thor Kommedahl and P. H. Williams

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