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Ultrastructure of the Root-Soil Interface
Ultrastructure of the Root-Soil Interface
This unique collection of electron micrographs demonstrates the dynamic nature of the root surface in space and time as root cells differentiate, function, and age.
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The micrographs illustrate the wide diversity of microorganisms in the rhizosphere resulting from the morphological and biochemical changes in the root-soil interface. Ideal for professionals and students in soil science, plant nutrition, and plant pathology.

Ultrastructure of the Root-Soil Interface


Part 1

The Soil, Root, and Rhizosphere

The Soil
The Root
The Rhizosphere
Preparation of Specimens

Part 2

Electron Micrographs

The Soil
Figures 3-21
The Root and Rhizosphere
Figures 22-85
Mycelial Strands and Mycorrhizas
Figures 86-93
Soilborne Root Disease Organisms and Their Biological Control
Figures 94-120
Ultrastructure of Soil and Rhizosphere Microorganisms
Figures 121-124

Publish Date: 1983
Format: 8.5" x 11" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-051-0
Pages: 157
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By R. C. Foster, A. D. Rovira, and T. W. Cock

List Price:79.00

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