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Fungal Kingdom
Fungal Kingdom

This book is a comprehensive guide on fungi, environmental sensing, genetics, genomics, interactions with microbes, plants, insects, and humans, technological applications, and natural product development.

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Fungi research and knowledge grew rapidly following recent advances in genetics and genomics. This book synthesizes new knowledge with existing information to stimulate new scientific questions and propel fungal scientists on to the next stages of research. This book is a comprehensive guide on fungi, environmental sensing, genetics, genomics, interactions with microbes, plants, insects, and humans, technological applications, and natural product development.

The Fungal Kingdom


Fungal Branches On The Eukaryotic Tree Of Life

1 The Fungal Tree of Life: From Molecular Systematics To Genome-Scale Phylogenies
     Joseph W. Spatafora, M. Catherine Aime, Igor V. Grigoriev, Francis Martin, Jason E. Stajich, and Meredith Blackwell
2 Six Key Traits of Fungi: Their Evolutionary Origins and Genetic Bases
La´szlo´ G. Nagy, Rena´ta To´th, Eniko? Kiss, Jason Slot, Attila Ga´cser, and Ga´bor M. Kova´cs
3 What Defines the “Kingdom” Fungi?
Thomas A. Richards, Guy Leonard, and Jeremy G. Wideman
4 Fungal Diversity Revisited: 2.2 to 3.8 Million Species
David L. Hawksworth, and Robert Lücking
5 Microsporidia: Obligate Intracellular Pathogens within the Fungal Kingdom
Bing Han and Louis M. Weiss


Life Of Fungi

6 Fungal Sex: The Ascomycota
Richard J. Bennett and B. Gillian Turgeon
7 Fungal Sex: The Basidiomycota
Marco A. Coelho, Guus Bakkeren, Sheng Sun, Michael E. Hood, and Tatiana Giraud
8 Fungal Sex: The Mucoromycota
Soo Chan Lee and Alexander Idnurm
9 Sex and the Imperfect Fungi
Paul S. Dyer and Ulrich Kück
10 Molecular Mechanisms regulating Cell Fusion and Heterokaryon Formation in Filamentous Fungi
Asen Daskalov, Jens Heller, Stephanie Herzog, Andre´ Fleißner, and N. Louise Glass
11 Cell Biology of Hyphal growth
Gero Steinberg, Miguel A. Pen˜alva, Meritxell Riquelme, Han A. Wo¨ sten, and Steven D. Harris
12 The Fungal Cell Wall: Structure, Biosynthesis, and Function
Neil A. R. Gow, Jean-Paul Latge, and Carol A. Munro
13 Fungal Ecology: Principles and Mechanisms of Colonization and Competition by Saprotrophic Fungi
Lynne Boddy and Jennifer Hiscox
14 Long-Distance Dispersal of Fungi
Jacob J. Golan and Anne Pringle
15 The Mycelium as a Network
Mark D. Fricker, Luke L. M. Heaton, Nick S. Jones, and Lynne Boddy


Fungal Ecology

16 The Geomycology of Elemental Cycling and Transformations in the Environment
Geoffrey Michael Gadd
17 Ecology of Fungal Plant Pathogens
Aad J. Termorshuizen
18 Key Ecological Roles for Zoosporic True Fungi in Aquatic Habitats
Frank H. Gleason, Bettina Scholz, Thomas G. Jephcott, Floris F. van Ogtrop, Linda Henderson, Osu Lilje, Sandra Kittelmann, and Deborah J. Macarthur


How Fungi Sense Their Environment

19 Nutrient Sensing at the Plasma Membrane of Fungal Cells
Patrick van Dijck, Neil Andrew Brown, Gustavo H. Goldman, Julian Rutherford, Chaoyang Xue, and Griet van Zeebroeck
20 The Complexity of Fungal Vision
Reinhard Fischer, Jesus Aguirre, Alfredo, Herrera-Estrella, and Luis M. Corrochano
21 Stress Adaptation
Alistair J. P. Brown, Leah E. Cowen, Antonio Di Pietro, and Janet Quinn
22 Thigmo Responses: The Fungal Sense of Touch
Mariana Cruz Almeida and Alexandra C. Brand
23 Melanin, Radiation, and Energy Transduction in Fungi
Arturo Casadevall, Radames J. B. Cordero, Ruth Bryan, Joshua Nosanchuk, and Ekaterina Dadachova
24 Making Time: Conservation of Biological Clocks from Fungi to Animals
Jay C. Dunlap and Jennifer J. Loros
25 Target of Rapamycin (TOR) Regulates Growth in Response to Nutritional Signals
Ronit Weisman


Fungal Genetics And Genomics As Models For Biology

26 Fungal Cell Cycle: a Unicellular Versus Multicellular Comparison
Ilkay Dörter and Michelle Momany
27 A Matter of Scale and Dimensions: Chromatin of Chromosome Landmarks in the Fungi
Allyson A. Erlendson, Steven Friedman, and Michael Freitag
28 Ploidy Variation in Fungi: Polyploidy, Aneuploidy, and Genome Evolution
Robert T. Todd, Anja Forche, and Anna Selmecki
29 Fungal Genomes and Insights into the Evolution of the Kingdom
Jason E. Stajich
30 Sources of Fungal Genetic Variation and Associating It with Phenotypic Diversity
John W. Taylor, Sara Branco, Cheng Gao, Chris Hann-Soden, Liliam Montoya, Iman Sylvain, and Pierre Gladieux
31 RNA Interference in Fungi: Retention and Loss
Francisco E. Nicola´s and Victoriano Garre
32 Amyloid Prions in Fungi
Sven J. Saupe, Daniel F. Jarosz, and Heather L. True
33 Repeat-Induced Point Mutation and Other Genome Defense Mechanisms in Fungi
Eugene Gladyshev


Fungal Interactions With Plants: Impact On Agriculture And The Biosphere

34 Plant Pathogenic Fungi
Gunther Doehlemann, Bilal O¨ kmen, Wenjun Zhu, and Amir Sharon
35 The Mutualistic Interaction between Plants and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Luisa Lanfranco, Paola Bonfante, and Andrea Genre
36 Lichenized Fungi and the Evolution of Symbiotic Organization
Martin Grube and Mats Wedin
37 Fungal Plant Pathogenesis Mediated by Effectors
Pierre J.G.M. de Wit, Alison C. Testa, and Richard P. Oliver
38 Emerging Fungal Threats to Plants and Animals Challenge Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience
Helen N. Fones, Matthew C. Fisher, and Sarah J. Gurr


Fungi And The Human Host

39 Fungi that Infect Humans
Julia R. Köhler, Bernhard Hube, Rosana Puccia, Arturo Casadevall, and John R. Perfect
40 The Mycobiome: Impact on Health and Disease States
Najla El-Jurdi and Mahmoud Ghannoum
41 Skin Fungi from Colonization to Infection
Sybren de Hoog, Michel Monod, Tom Dawson, Teun Boekhout, Peter Mayser, and Yvonne Gräser
42 Fungal Biofilms: Inside out
Katherine Lagree and Aaron P. Mitchell
43 Fungal Recognition and Host Defense Mechanisms
I. M. Dambuza, S. M. Levitz, M. G. Netea, and G. D. Brown
44 Antifungal Drugs: The Current Armamentarium and Development of New Agents
Nicole Robbins, Gerard D. Wright, and Leah E. Cowen


Fungal Interactions With Animals (Fungi, Insects, And Nematodes) And Other Microbes

45 The Insect Pathogens
Brian Lovett and Raymond J. St. Leger
46 Made for Each Other: Ascomycete Yeasts and Insects
Meredith Blackwell
47 Nematode-Trapping Fungi
Xiangzhi Jiang, Meichun Xiang, and Xingzhong Liu
48 Host-Microsporidia Interactions in Caenorhabiditis elegans, a Model nematode host
Emily R. Troemel
49 Bacterial Endosymbionts: Master Modulators of Fungal Phenotypes
Sarah J. Araldi-Brondolo, Joseph Spraker, Justin P. Shaffer, Emma H. Woytenko, David A. Baltrus, Rachel E. Gallery, and A. Elizabeth Arnold
50 Necrotrophic Mycoparasites and Their Genomes
Magnus Karlsson, Lea Atanasova, Dan Funck Jensen, and Susanne Zeilinger


Fungi: Technology And Natural Products

51 Fungal enzymes and yeasts for Conversion of Plant Biomass to Bioenergy and high-Value Products
Lene Lange
52 Fungal Ligninolytic Enzymes and Their Applications
Miia R. Ma¨ kela¨ , Erin L. Bredeweg, Jon K. Magnuson, Scott E. Baker, Ronald P. de Vries, and Kristiina Hilde´n
53 Fungi as a Source of Food
Joëlle Dupont, Sylvie Dequin, Tatiana Giraud, François Le Tacon, Souhir Marsit, Jeanne Ropars, Franck Richard, and Marc-André Selosse
54 Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites from the Fungi
Gerald F. Bills and James B. Gloer

Publish Date: 2018
Format: 8.5” × 11” hardcover
Pages: 1336
Publication Weight: 7 lbs

Edited by Joseph Heitman, Barbara J. Howlett, Pedro W. Crous, Eva H. Stukenbrock, Timothy Y. James, and Neil A.R. Gow

The Fungal Kingdom

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