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Plants Down T-Shirt forest green (Small)
Plants Down T-Shirt forest green (Small)

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Originating from a t-shirt design contest in 1991, this forest green t-shirt explains plant pathology in layman’s terms … with a twist.

From the shirt’s creator, David Smith… As plant pathology department chair back in the 1980s, my wife would loyally wear the then “plant disease”- logo APS T-shirt. It, however, confounded the general public and my  wife had to explain that it did not imply spreading disease but referred to the study of disease in plants. Something more apropos was needed! Enter the best-selling APS t-shirt of all time.

100% Cotton; Ivory Lettering on Forest Green on Front and Back

Plants Down T-Shirt (Small)

Format: Size Small
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Plants Down T-Shirt (Small)

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