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Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides
Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides

" excellent reference. It lives up to the title "practical" and therefore I recommend it as an outstanding reference for any turf manager."
—Bill Walmsley, PGG Wrightson Turf

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By Richard Latin

Richard Latin is a professor of plant pathology at Purdue University.  Dr. Latin has research, teaching, and extension responsibilities in the area of turf disease management and has dedicated his career to the investigation and implementation of practical solutions to contemporary plant disease problems.


Reduce Fungicide Costs

A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides

A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides is a current and comprehensive resource that addresses fungicides specifically used for turf disease control. It is a valuable reference for information on: fungicide movement in turf, fungicide mode of action, strategies for dealing with the threat of fungicide resistance, environmental and maintenance factors that influence fungicide performance, approaches to scheduling fungicide sprays, and practices for integrating chemical and non-chemical options for individual turf diseases, among other topics.

This is the first book written in practical terms for turf managers and students that describes how and why fungicides work (and why sometimes they do not work). It addresses all factors that contribute to the effective and efficient use of fungicides specifically for controlling diseases on turf. It provides turf managers with a strong foundation on the nature of these very important turf management tools. It enables them to make decisions from a more informed perspective and provides background for effective communication of disease control issues with administrators as well as with the golfing public.

Delivers Proven Strategies for Turf Fungicide Management

  • Provides turf managers with a sound foundation and understanding of how and why fungicides work by explaining how they move within the plant (phytomobility) and how they stop fungal growth (mode of action)
  • Explains how to integrate disease-control chemicals with essential management practices and shows how a variety of plant, pathogen, and environmental factors can influence fungicide performance.
  • Describes different approaches to scheduling fungicide applications—based on damage thresholds, days between sprays, and environmental conditions—explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and enabling development of effective strategies and tactics for disease control.
  • Supplies a single source for accurate, current descriptions and control recommendations for more than two dozen damaging turf diseases caused by fungi.
  • Separates anecdotal fungicide selection information from valid research results and explains how to interpret research reports using examples describing the effectiveness of fungicide products.

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A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides


Turf Fungicide Fundamentals

Modes of Action of Fungicides

Fungicide Resistance

Factors That Influence Fungicide Performance

Biofungicides, Phosphonates, and Post-Patent Products

Fungicide Interactions

Scheduling Fungicides for Turf Disease Control

Fungicide Regulation

Interpreting Fungicide Performance Research

Turf Disease Characteristics and Control

Turf Fungicide Profiles


“…a core resource for any landscaper as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in the field of plant pathology and plant disease management. Should be available in all schools, research laboratories dealing with plant pathology, and community and university libraries. It is also a useful source of information in crop husbandry.”
—Fungal Diversity

"With many useful charts, graphs, and illustrations, as well as indexes and appendices for ease of use, A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides is a core resource for any landscaper."
—The Midwest Book Review

“I don’t work on turfgrass diseases but I’m going to buy this book. It contains useful information that can be applied across almost any cropping system.”
—Larry Madden, Distinguished Professor of Plant Protection, Ohio State University

"Richard Latin has certainly devoted all his teaching and advisory experience to this impressive book. This book deserves attention beyond the matters concerning turfgrass disease control. This systematic treatment of fungicides is excellent and will extend the readership in plant pathology and plant protection."
—Journal of Phytopathology

Publish Date: 2011
Format: 8" x 10" hardcover print
ISBN: 978-0-89054-392-4
Pages: 280
Images: 115 images
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

By Richard Latin

A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides

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