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This compendium was prepared for all those interested in rice and the diseases that affect it. It is hoped that the technical descriptions and illustrations will assist in identification, further study, and ultimately better management and control of the maladies that limit the availability of rice as a food stable for millions of the world’s population.

Because rice is grown and studied under diverse climates and cultural conditions and in many counties, the literature is broad, diverse, and in some cases scattered and difficult to obtain and translate. We have attempted to ensure that the most recent information is included but fully realize that some may have been overlooked. Since much of the existing knowledge on rice diseases is unavailable to many rice researchers in the world, a major purpose of the compendium is to stimulate further communication among rice pathologists, which should eventually lead to an improved product.

A broad array of diseases affects all parts of the rice plant and often places major restraints on rice production. Certain diseases are limited in occurrence because of the absence of environmental conditions favoring pathogen establishment and disease development, whereas others, the viruses and mycoplasmalike organisms, are limited by the absence of the vectors.

Compendium of Rice Diseases


The Rice Plant
Diseases of Rice

Part I. Biotic Diseases

Bacterial Diseases
Seedling, Sheath, and Grain Diseases
Seedling Diseases

Seedling Blight
Bacterial Brown Stripe

Leaf Sheath and Grain Diseases

Sheath Brown Rot
Sheath Rot
Grain Rot
Bacterial Palea Browning

Foliar Diseases

Bacterial Blight
Bacterial Leaf Streak
Halo Blight

Culm and Root Diseases

Foot Rot

Fungal Diseases
Seedling Diseases

Water Mold
Seedling Blight
Seed Box Diseases

Foliar Diseases

Brown Spot
Leaf Scald
Narrow Brown Leaf Spot
Leaf Smut
Downy Mildew
White Leaf Streak
Collar Rot

Leaf Sheath and Culm Diseases

Stem Rot
Sheath Blight
Sheath Spot
Aggregate Sheath Spot
Sheath Net Blotch
Sheath Rot
Crown Sheath Rot
Myrothecium Blotch
Sheath Blotch

Root and Crown Diseases

Feeder Root Necrosis and Root Rot

Grain Diseases

False Smut
Kernel Smut
Glume Blight
Black Kernel
Minute Leaf and Grain Spot
Red Blotch of Grains
Grain Discoloration
Ear Blight

Obscure Fungal Diseases of the Foliage and Glumes
Diseases Caused by Viruses and Mycoplasmalike Organisms
Virus Diseases

Black-Streaked Dwarf
Bunchy Stunt
Gall Dwarf
Grassy Stunt
Hoja Blanca
Necrosis Mosaic
Ragged Stunt
Stripe Necrosis
Transitory Yellowing
Tungro and Waika
Yellow Mottle
Minor Virus Diseases

Diseases Caused by Mycoplasmalike Organisms

Orange Leaf
Yellow Dwarf

Diseases Caused by Viruslike Agents

Chlorotic Streak
Wrinkled Stunt and Witches'-Broom

Diseases Caused by Nematodes

White Tip
Rice-Root Nematodes
Root-Knot Nematodes
Cyst Nematodes
Other Nematodes

Part II: Abiotic Diseases and Disorders

Akiochi (Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity)
Akegare (Organic Acids and Toxic Gases)

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

Nutrient Deficiencies Causing Color Change in Young Leaves
Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities Causing Color Change in Older Leaves

Herbicide Injury

Publish Date: 1992
Format: 8.5" x 11" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89054-126-5
Pages: 86
Images: 138 color images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by R. K. Webster and P. S. Gunnell

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