Office of Public Relations and Outreach

Mission Statement The mission of OPRO is to: " Educate the public and APS members on matters related to plant health, plant diseases, and associated microorganisms " Increase media coverage of plant health issues in order to demonstrate the value of plant pathology to society " Assist Public Policy Board in strengthening advocacy for science-based public policy " Promote interactions with other scientific and professional organizations

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Nicole M. DonofrioDirector8/6/20158/1/2021153053
Fulya Baysal-GurelMember8/10/20178/12/2020186724
Timothy L. FriesenMember8/5/20158/1/2021155032
Dennis A. HaltermanMember8/4/20168/7/2019172969
Maya C. HayslettMember8/4/20188/1/2021190116
Robert Louis HirschMember8/10/20178/7/2019233564
Ann E. ImpullittiMember8/4/20168/1/2021221084
Monica M. LewandowskiMember8/14/20148/7/2019202148
Francesca Peduto Hand, PhDMember8/4/20188/1/2021203162
Jeannie KleinGraduate Student Member8/4/20188/7/2019228146
Gwyn A. BeattieEx-Officio Voting8/4/20168/12/2020039032
Thomas K. MitchellEx-Officio Voting8/15/20138/7/2019069133
Mary E. PalmEx-Officio Voting8/4/20188/7/2019032769