Office of Public Relations and Outreach

OPRO is charged by Council with primary leadership for the society’s public outreach and media relations programs and is empowered to dispense funds allocated by Council for outreach programs as well as to utilize staff time for execution of these programs. It is recognized that much responsibility for public outreach resides with individual APS members, Council, and various APS committees, boards, offices, and divisions. It is the responsibility of OPRO to coordinate, enable, and nurture public outreach from various sectors of the society. OPRO will provide a forum for discussion of outreach opportunities and initiatives and a mechanism for funding special projects. OPRO will choose the highest priority audiences for outreach efforts, and periodically, will reassess these priorities.

Full NameOrganizationPositionTerm StartTerm EndMember Type
Nicole M. DonofrioUniversity of DelawareDirector8/6/20158/4/2021M153053
Fulya Baysal-GurelTennessee State UniversityMember8/10/20178/14/2020M186724
Javier A. DelgadoCorteva AgriscienceMember8/10/20178/14/2020M192393
Timothy L. FriesenUSDA ARSMember8/5/20158/4/2021M155032
Dennis A. HaltermanUSDA ARSMember8/4/20168/1/2022M172969
Maya C. HayslettIowa State University Extension and OutreachMember8/4/20188/4/2021M190116
Robert Louis HirschUniversity of KentuckyMember8/10/20178/4/2021PD233564
Ann E. ImpullittiUniversity of Wisconsin - Stevens PointMember8/4/20168/4/2021M221084
Jeannie KleinUniversity of FloridaMember8/8/20198/1/2022ST228146
Francesca Peduto Hand, PhDOhio State UniversityMember8/4/20188/4/2021M203162
Tina WuUniversity of WisconsinGraduate Student Member8/8/20198/14/2020ST241061
Gwyn A. BeattieIowa State UniversityEx-Officio Voting8/4/20168/14/2020M039032
Monica M. LewandowskiOhio State UniversityEx-Officio Voting8/8/20198/1/2022M202148
Kira L. BowenAuburn UniversityCouncil Liaison - Ex Officio8/8/20198/14/2020M025466
Micaylia KraywinkelAPSStaff Liaison7/1/20208/1/2022Z264534