Office of Education

1. Purpose of committee The Office of Education is to coordinate and provide leadership to the efforts of the Society in promoting the importance of plant pathology in curricula and the need to support the educational development of plant pathologists. 2. Specific tasks required to fulfill charge " Identify and implement the most effective means to communicate and promote the content of the Education Center to primary and secondary educators and for professional development. " Develop and pursue opportunities for development of new high-impact content to increase public and professional awareness of the value of plant pathology. " Create, identify and pursue high-impact opportunities to reach elite undergraduate scholars for recruitment as professional plant pathologists 3. Progress report expectations (timing) and other details that will assist them in carrying out this charge

Full NameOrganizationPositionTerm StartTerm End
Monica M. LewandowskiOhio State UniveristyDirector8/8/20198/1/2022202148
Thomas K. MitchellOhio State UniversityImmediate Past Director8/8/20198/12/2020069133
Kimberly D. Gwinn PDC Managing Editor8/10/20178/12/2020028501
Tom C. CreswellPurdue UniversityMember12/31/20148/12/2020026630
Darin M. EastburnUniversity of Illinois Urbana ChampiagnMember12/31/20148/12/2020027298
Cesar Escalante GuardadoLouisiana State UniversityMember8/4/20188/1/2021232628
Joe FlahertyCoker CollegeMember12/31/20148/12/2020080673
Ana Cristina FulladolsaColorado State UniversityMember8/10/20178/12/2020218858
Leland S. Pierson, IIITexas A&M UniversityMember8/4/20188/1/2021209562
Christopher R. LittleKansas State UniversityEx-Officio Voting1/1/201812/31/2020154562
Nicole M. DonofrioUniversity of DelawareEx-Officio (non-voting)8/6/20158/1/2021153053