Divisional Forum

The Divisional Forum is defined as a group of representatives elected on behalf of all APS Divisions to meet, discuss, and facilitate subject disciplinary and membership issues at the divisional level for APS council.

Full NameOrganizationPositionTerm StartTerm End
Ashok K. ChandaUniversity of MinnesotaDivisional Councilor8/8/20198/1/2022195392
Beth K. GuginoPenn State UniversityDivisional Forum Chair8/8/20198/12/2020166465
Jo Anne CrouchUSDA ARSDivisional Forum Rep - Potomac8/10/20178/12/2020218376
Nicole A. GauthierUniversity of KentuckyDivisional Forum Rep - Southern8/8/20198/1/2022199726
Loren J. GieslerUniv of Nebraska-LincolnDivisional Forum Rep - NorthCentral8/8/20198/1/2022038568
Walter F. Mahaffee Divisional Forum Rep - Pacific8/4/20188/1/2021031174
Gilberto OlayaSyngenta Crop ProtectionDivisional Forum Rep - Caribbean8/10/20178/12/2020032596
Albert K. CulbreathUniversity of GeorgiaEx-Officio (non-voting)8/8/20198/12/2020026667