Historical Listing of APS Officers and Council

Expand CollapseTitle
Internal Communications Officer10
Editor-in-Chief, APS Press20
Editor-in-Chief, Ed Center-Plant Health Instructor Editorial Board20
Editor-in-Chief, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions20
Editor-in-Chief, Phytobiomes Editorial Board20
Editor-in-Chief, Phytopathology20
Editor-in-Chief, Phytopathology News20
Editor-in-Chief, Plant Disease20
Editor-in-Chief, Plant Disease Management Reports20
Editor-in-Chief, Plant Health Progress Editorial Board20
Editor-in-Chief, PMN Editorial Board20
Editor-in-Chief, PMN Focus On Editorial Board20
Divisional Councilor47
Publications Councilor47
Councilor of the Caribbean Division51
Councilor of the North Central Division51
Councilor of the Northeastern Division51
Councilor of the Pacific Division51
Councilor of the Potomac Division51
Councilor of the Southern Division51
Divisional Forum Rep - Caribbean51
Divisional Forum Rep - NorthCentral51
Divisional Forum Rep - Northeastern51
Divisional Forum Rep - Pacific51
Divisional Forum Rep - Potomac51
Divisional Forum Rep - Southern51